Klitschko vs Povetkin

Wladimir Klitschko Alexander Povetkin

Klitschko Povetkin

Olimpiyskiy, Moscow, Russia

05 October 2013, 17:00:00



The IBF, WBO, IBO & WBA Super World Heavyweight Championship

Klitschko takes gritty UD over Povetkin

Many hoped that undefeated Alexander Povetkin would provide Wladimir Klitschko's toughest challenge to date. When it came down to it, Wladmir proved untouchable. His style was messy, yes, and there were many shouts of frustration coming from the crowd and those watching at home at Klitschko's holding and pushing.

Whether illegal or not, there is no doubt that Klitschko's strategy worked. His longer reach saw Povetkin trying to get inside the taller opponent, but time and time again finding himself in the Ukranian's exhausting embrace.

Adding injury to insult, Wladimir's wicked left hand saw Povetkin hit the canvas no less than 3 times in the 7th round, and several more times during the fight, some more dubious knock downs than others.

At the final bell, the judges scored a unanimous decision in favour of the winner, and still the reigning champion, Wladimir Klitschko, all with points of 119-104.



Klitschko set for biggest challenge to date against unbeaten Povetkin

Will this finally be the time the Klitschko borthers' incredible stranglehold on the heavyweight division comes to an end? Wladimir Klitschko, the current IBO, IBF, WBO and WBA Super World Heavyweight Champion risks his world titles against the hard hitting Russian Alexander Povetkin.

Klitschko v Povetkin

Povetkin (right) brings a 26- 0 record to the ring, and is the WBA's current regular world champion, while Klitschko (left) holds an initmidating 60-3 record and has been a heavyweight world champion since 2006.

The fight is one of the most lucrative heavyweight contests in history, and last June a staggeringly high $23million purse bid was won by Russian promoter Vladimir Hryunov, who outbid the Klitschkos' K2 Promotions and Povetkin's Sauerland Event.

Chagaev vs Pudar

Ruslan Chagaev Jovo Pudar

Chagaev Pudar

05 October 2013, 17:00:00

The Vacant Pan Asian Boxing Assocation Heavyweight Championship

The Result

Ruslan Chagaev UD win over Jovo Pudar.