ERITH SUPER-BANTAM LEWIS PETTITT is already rated in the top five by the WBA. Now he will be hoping that a sizzling display in defence of his Intercontinental title at London's O2 Arena on February 28 will help cement a world title challenge before the year is through.

Lewis Pettitt

Recently, boxing writer Glynn Evans caught up with him.

Tell us about your first fight (in or out of the ring).

It would've been my first Thai Boxing fight when I was about seven or eight. The opponent was about four years older and much bigger but I was pretty good with my hands even back then and I handled him. It was an exhibition and no decision was given. I just remember being really excited.

Did you have any other sporting heroes as a youngster?

Until I realised it was 'fixed' at the age of about ten, I used to really love WWE wrestling. Me and my brother had all the figures and my hero was 'Ultimate Warrior. He had tassels and used to shake the ring ropes.

If you could attend any other sporting event in the world what would it be?

Either watching England in the World Cup Final or West Ham in the FA Cup Final.

If you could liken your style to any active fighter who would you chose?

When I was sparring (ex-Southern Area Featherweight champion) Ian Bailey, he told me I was like Miguel Cotto. Bit far-fetched but a huge compliment.

What attribute do you most fear in an opponent - speed, power, skill or toughness?

You'd be f***ed if you fought an opponent who had all four. I think I'll go with speed. There's ways to negate the other three but speed is far harder to deal with.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

About 15 stone! A retired former world champion. I know I'll put on weight. My dad's really big and I used to blow up to above 12 stone between fights when I was an amateur featherweight.

Who or what are you frightened of?

Dogs... badly. My trainer Al (Smith) has got two, a Dalmatian and this little Hungarian pointer thing. I'm petrified of the pair of them.

Lewis Pettitt

What makes you lose your temper?

I'm generally a laidback, chilled guy but I can get proper ratty through hunger whilst dropping the weight in the final week build up to a fight.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

To know what other people are thinking, to read minds... particularly women's!

If you were going into battle and could pick three men to take with you, who would you pick?

It'd be three of my gym mates from the iBox - Bradley Skeete because he's good, Johnny Garton cos he's Millwall so I'd throw him in first to take all the clumps, then Dingsy (Adam Dingsdale) because he's a clumsy sod but really, really funny so, if we got beat, at least we'd lose laughing!