BOXING WRITER GLYNN EVANS delves inside the mind of Paul Butler, the former IBF Bantamweight king who seeks to capture a second world title down at super-flyweight on Friday.

Paul Butler

Tell us about your first fight (in or out of the ring)?

It was my first spar at the Vauxhall Motors gym when I was just ten-years-old. The other kid was a southpaw and caught me with a head butt. I was crying me eyes out inside the ring but carried on and ended up getting the better of the kid. Me dad told me afterwards that I showed a lot of courage that night.

Who were your boxing idols as a youngster?

Marco Antonio Barrera. I loved how he could change his style. He had wars with Erik Morales because they had 'needle' - hated each other - but then completely out-boxed and schooled Naseem Hamed. Though Naz was English, he was never my cup of tea and I wanted Barrera to beat him.

If you could attend any other sporting event in the world what would it be?

It'd have to be Floyd Mayweather against Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

I'd love to see Pacquiao upset the applecart because he leaves everything in the ring but I fear Mayweather beats him. 'Pacman' struggles with counter punchers. Juan Manuel Marquez usually had his number but didn't always get the decisions.

Paul Butler

What is your greatest achievement outside of boxing?

Probably winning the Ellesmere Port Individual Pool Tournament last year. I beat three of my own teammates en route, including my older brother, the defending champion!

Unfortunately, I failed to retain it this year.

What attribute do you most fear in an opponent; speed, power, skill, toughness?

Speed. I've never been hurt in my life so power certainly doesn't worry me. I used to spar Scott Quigg regularly and had a bad habit of letting him smash me clean on the chin. I also fought Stuey Hall, who's supposedly very tough and powerful, wearing eight ounce gloves. Both times, no problems whatsoever.

The quick ones are far harder. People say timing beats speed but you have to be right on your game to cope with it.

Paul Butler

Who or what are you frightened of?

I'm frightened of no man but I hate spiders with a passion. There's no way I could let one crawl across my hand.

What makes you lose your temper?

When Liverpool (FC) lose to s*** teams, especially Everton. Those Toffees are so bitter!

What three words best describe yourself?

Determined, driven and focussed.

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

To be able to produce money; to just click my fingers and it's there.

If you were going into battle and could pick three men to take with you, who would you pick?

Marco Antonio Barrera, Denzel Washington - if he's anything like as useful as he is in his films - and Deontay Wilder for his punching power.