TWO OF BOXING'S biggest hitters collide LIVE on BoxNation this Saturday night at 2am as Lucas Matthysse and Ruslan Provodnikov go to war.

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Here, we bring you five reasons why this fight is can't-miss.

Lucas Matthysse 2

1. Fans are guaranteed a royal rumble between two proper fighting men.

No titles are at stake for this shoot out, scheduled - rather optimistically, one feels - for 12 rounds. However, there are few more coveted collisions in world boxing.

Both come loaded with take-out power, anvil chins but no reverse gear. Limited technical and tactical nous means these two gladiators have little alternative but to embark in all out war.

Both enjoy cult status among the hardcore and the adoration comes through the carnage they routinely wreak between the ropes rather than any slick PR sound bites. The fact both speak nominal English simply adds to their menace.

Both have been in brawls that merited global Fight of the Year contention before - Matthysse against John Molina Jr in 2014, Provodnikov with Tim Bradley a year earlier - and the odds will be short for this dust-up to receive similar recognition.

2. Marvel at Matthysse's violent power.

The Argentinean's ratio of 34 stoppages in 36 wins surpasses every other world grade operator. Twenty-three victims faltered before three rounds were completed and 18 endured the full count. Several slept for minutes rather than seconds and Matthysse is capable of turning the trick with either glove.

Lucas Matthysse 2

Dubbed 'La Maquina' (The Machine), he stalks with sinister stealth and, when he sniffs an opening, executes with savage brutality. In addition to Molina Jr, the casualty list includes previously unbeaten Ajose Olusegun and reigning IBF boss Lamont Peterson.

As promoter Richard Schaeffer once commented: 'You don't question if Matthysse is going to knock an opponent out, you just question when.'

3. Revel at Provodnikov's tenacity and resilience.

Provodikov is surely a candidate for the gong of boxing's most sturdy warmonger. His capacity to absorb punishment is frankly disturbing. Despite seeming almost offending if opponents miss him, none have come remotely close to stopping him. Can Matthysse?

With 17 early wins, the Russian (below, left) carries plenty of pop himself but is far more likely to break opposition hearts and wills, than to break their jaw. Formerly a regular sparhand to Manny Pacquiao, all accounts report that he trains like a maniac at Freddie Roach's Wild Card gym in Hollywood.

Ruslan Provodnikov Beats Mike Alvarado

Body and mind were initially hardened in his Siberian hometown of Beryozovo were winds are notoriously vicious and winter temperatures dip beneath minus 40. Rumour has it, he first started throwing punches simply to stay warm!

4. To the victor the spoils...

With both principals ranked inside the top four with the WBC and WBO, Saturday's collision is a final eliminator for a world title in all but name.

With WBC and WBA beltholder Danny Garcia publically stating he is unlikely to compete at 140lbs again, the victor this weekend will be primly placed for consideration as the division's top dog and will see their profile rocket.

And just seven pounds north, lays the superstar rammed welterweight division. Showdowns against any of Mayweather, Pacquiao, Khan or Broner, would see Saturday's victor adding an additional '0' to their pay cheque.

5. For the loser, obscurity beckons.

Conversely, with both well into their 30s, it promises to be a long, fruitless and possibly insurmountable trek back to elite contention.

With a combined 51 kayos and no stoppage losses, the queue of candidates with sufficient valour to dip between the ropes against either, is already ridiculously short. Defeat on Saturday will bring with it presidency of the 'Who Needs Him' club.

For both, defeat is simply not an option. Expect them to give every ounce in the ring on Saturday to prevent that happening.