Glynn Evans elaborates on his bromance with the Kazakh KO king who defends his plethora of world middleweight titles against hard-hitting Daniel Jacobs, live on BoxNation this Saturday night.

1) The Hardest Puncher Pound for Pound This Decade, Period

With 33 stoppage victories in 36 paid gigs, Golovkin has the highest knockout ratio (92%) in the 128 year history of the middleweight division.

He last required the services of the judges in June 2008, 21 fights back, with the last 15 annihilations coming inside a world championship ring. He is yet to be extended past round 11.

Standing 5ft 10in tall with a 70in reach, the walking power generator is far from the biggest or most buffed operator at 160lbs. The core to his carnage comes through his immaculate timing, precision, balance and rotation.

He has mastered every shot in the manual, several that aren’t, and aims to maim each time he detonates. Opponents get wiped out from left glove or right; to head or body.

2) His All-Court Game

Had the Kazakh been born with fists of putty, one senses he’d still have enough in his locker to operate among the sport’s elite.

Indeed, stoppage wins were scarce throughout a decorated amateur career that exceeded 350 bouts yet showed a single figure loss column. The boy can box.


While his aggressive offence invariably serves as his key defence, Golovkin has evolved into a super savvy ring general. A competitor since the age of 10, he graduated through the Soviet amateur regime and the equally brutal pro gyms of America’s West Coast where Latino coach Abel Sanchez has added a Mexican dimension to his textbook European technique.

His chin, like his fists, appears cast from iron. He is yet to be dropped or stopped in almost 400 scraps amateur and pro.

3) Mr Brightside Outside the Ropes

During down time, the cherubic faced, mild-mannered ring assassin is about as menacing as a Tele Tubby.

A squeaky clean family man, ‘GGG’ is conversant in four languages – Kazakh, Russian, German and English – and his pigeon grasp of the latter endears rather than alienates.

His natural quirkiness, coupled with the violence he dispenses in office hours, has seen his fan base expand after every outing and he is overtly conscious of his duty to entertain. ‘I give big drama show’ has become his rather quaint catchphrase.

Consequently, the Kazakh has evolved into the second most marketable active fighter – behind ‘Canelo’ Alvarez – and last year was headhunted to endorse Apple Watches.

4) The Meanest Mo’Fo Between Them!

Yet clearly there is a darker side once he scales the steps.

Son of a miner, the 34-year-old was reared in the austere pit town of Karaganda and was forced to fistfight strangers to provide morbid ‘entertainment’ for his two eldest brothers.

Golovkin Murray

Both were subsequently killed whilst in active service with the Russian militia before Gennady reached his teens. The scars are still raw.

If opponents are stupid enough to talk smack, the G-Force calmly holds his counsel before exacting brutal retribution with a sinister smirk once they’re entrapped in the ring of truth. As vicious as he is explosive.

5) A ‘World Champion’ in the Very Purest Sense

Following the retirements of Mayweather and Pacquiao, ‘GGG’ appears the ideal poster boy to represent our sport across the planet.

He traversed the globe as an amateur, bagging Olympic silver in Greece, world amateur titles (junior and senior) in Hungary and Thailand respectively plus Asian Games gold in South Korea.

As a professional, he has already sparkled in eight countries on three continents. Born in Eastern Europe, nurtured in Stuttgart, Germany under the Universum standard and now a resident of California, USA, his fights are broadcast to 120 countries worldwide.

Golovkin belts 1

6) A* For Attitude

Despite his effortless romp through the division, complacency is not a word that features in ‘Battleship Golovkin’s’ vocab.

He consistently conditions himself for 12 brutal rounds away from his family, in Spartan camps 8,000ft above sea level, in Big Bear, California under Abel Sanchez. His dedication and discipline more than match his talent.

Respectful of rival competitors and the sports traditions, ‘Triple G’ constantly remains within 10lbs of his championship weight and fights regularly – 17 defences in under six years.

A proper fighting man, he actively covets all belts and has put himself up for tender – irrespective of location – against all and sundry between 154-168lbs. Nevertheless, Mssrs Mayweather, Alvarez, Froch and Ward were all slow to respond to his invitations over the last two years.


Golovkin v Jacobs is exclusively live in the UK on BoxNation this Saturday night.