BOXNATION continues to deliver and this week sees the World Series of Boxing coming to the Channel of Champions.

We have coverage of the semi-finals and finals featuring some of boxing's most outrageous talents. Next year we have extensive coverage of the competition in what will be a crucial time ahead of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Here's seven reasons why you can't afford to miss a punch in the WSB.

1) Excitement
The WSB is one of boxing's greatest ever concepts and this season has perhaps been the most exciting. The 16 teams have produced a catalogue of brutal wars that have kept fans on a knife edge cheering on their favourites in the five round bouts.

2) Future superstars

During the first four years of the competition, the WSB has been home to show stealers like Vasyl Lomachenko (below) and Oleksandr Usyk. In this week's semi-finals between Cuba Domadores host Mexico Guerreros while Astana Arlans Kazakhstan entertain Russia. On show will be some certain medallists at next year's Olympics.

Vasyl Lomachenko 2

3) British Lionhearts
Although the British Lionhearts failed to reach the knockout stages of the competition this year, they will be back in 2016. You will be able to see some of Britain's future superstars and cheer on our team. You wont miss a punch on BoxNation next year in each of their fixtures.

4) No headguards

Although the boxers have come through the amateur system no headguards are worn. That has led to boxers competing with cuts, which has added to the excitement as they look for knockouts to avoid being stopped.

5) Technical brilliance

Although many of the contests are rousing scraps, the boxers have been brilliantly schooled by some of the top coaches in the world. 

6) Cubans

Apart from Olympic competition, British TV viewers have few opportunities to see the men from the Caribbean Island, until BoxNation delivered. They won last year's WSB and have triumphed in all 11 fixtures this year. Among those starring this week is top ranked flyweight Yosbany Veitia (below, left), Olympic gold medallist Roniel Iglesias Sotolongo and dominant light-heavyweight Julio Cesar La Cruz.

Yosbany Veitia

7) Controversy

It isn't just big world title fights where judges come under fire. The WSB has had plenty of disputed disputes, but controversies at this stage of the competition could be catastrophic with Olympic qualification at stake.

World Series Boxing on air times

Thursday night/Friday morning - 1.30am

Cuba Domadores v Mexio Guerreros day one

Friday night/Saturday morning - 1.30am

Cuba Domadores v Mexio Guerreros day two

Saturday afternoon - 12.15pm

Astana Arlans Kazakhstan v Russian Boxing Team day one

Sunday morning - 11.30am

Astana Arlans Kazakhstan v Russian Boxing Team day one