ISAAC DOGBOE suffered shame in Ghana after losing his WBO super-bantamweight title to Emanuel Navarrete in December.

It was one of boxing’s upsets of 2018, but Dogboe gets a quick chance of revenge in Tucson, Arizona on Saturday (May 11), live on BoxNation.

Isaac’s father, Paul who manages and trains his son, said: “The loss caused us humiliation in our country – it caused us a lot.

“The warriors back home are asking us, 'Come on man, you guys are warriors! Why would you go and get beat?' We were never humiliated before.

"Before, we underestimated Navarrete. Coming from four or five knockouts in a row, we were all thinking, 'Aw, we're going to smoke this guy – Navarrete is just another guy and Isaac is going to walk through him.’”

Camp was a disaster area last time, including training in three different continents and being hospitalised, but they have remained at home for the make-or-break clash.

There were rumblings before Navarrete’s shock points win that Dogboe’s training had been chaotic, and for the rematch they spent three months in Ghana before going to America last Friday.

dogboe v navarrete

Paul gave a no-holds barred insight into the madness preparing for the last fight, and the mess it has caused his son away from the ring, even hurting his education.

"Things have changed in this camp,” insisted the former champion’s dad.

“We have different sparring this time – Isaac is not sparring with his family.

“We have a welterweight that he's sparring with, and we have guys that bring the fight all night like Navarrete. I've changed my corner for the fight, too.

“We didn't have a good training camp before our last fight. We did a lot of appearances – now we've lost that. Also, Isaac was in and out of hospital – he wasn't sick, he was having allergies.

“When you go to hospital, you have to slow training down, you stop training for about six days, 10 days, sometimes two weeks, then you go back. So, everything just messed up from that.

“We had to use sauna to lose the weight, Jacuzzi, steam room. Everything was just messed up.

“But these things are things you can't say after the fight. You got beat and you want to blame something, but we were quiet about it.

“Before the last fight, Isaac was going to decide which university he would attend. But we put that off because of the loss – we were not expecting it – so we had to restructure everything again.

“We couldn't go to a university coming off this loss. We have to redeem ourselves before we go back.”

Dogboe was one of boxing’s rising stars until running into the Mexican five months ago in New York City.

He had won the title in April 2018 shocking Jessie Magdaleno winning in 11 rounds and then blew away Japanese challenger Hidenoro Otake in 138 seconds.

And Dogboe Sr is bullish about his son turning the tables and getting his career back on track by regaining his old crown.

He added: ”A reborn Isaac Dogboe has to be strong. Even though we were in hospital, we still had confidence that we were going to knock this guy out.

“But then I knew Isaac wasn't fit. I thought he could use his skill to beat this guy, to knock Navarrete out.

“This fight is going to be different. Isaac will definitely be 100 per-cent for this fight. Now we know who Navarrete is – before, we didn’t.

"A fully fit Isaac Dogboe is dangerous. Navarrete is going to be in real trouble.”