Gennady Golovkin's trainer Abel Sanchez has criticised judge Adalaide Byrd for her 118-110 scorecard in favour of Canelo Alvarez on Saturday night.

Triple G and Canelo put on a fantastic show at the T-Mobile Arena, with both men having success in a captivating back-and-forth contest.

When it went to the scorecards, Byrd's was read out first, followed by 115-113 for Golovkin from Dave Moretti, and Don Trella's 114-114 to result in a split decision draw.

"Unfortunately the judge that I had questions about prior to the fight ended up being what I thought it was going to be - [causing] some kind of controversy," Sanchez told FightHub on Sunday.

"Harold Lederman, who was sitting next to me, was judging the fight for HBO. Both guys are HBO fighters, so he has nothing to do with being biased towards one guy or the other. He had the fight 8 [rounds] to four [in Golovkin's favour].

Canelo v GGG

Canelo got the better of the early exchanges and landed a number of neat combinations and counters, but the Kazakh grew into the fight and his tempo did not drop. Canelo was visibly tiring while his older opponent landed short, stinging punches.

"The misguided judge that filled out her scorecard before she got to the arena had it 118-110, meaning Golovkin won two rounds, that's a little ridiculous," argued the veteran trainer.

While there was differing opinion straight after the contest, most observers could agree that it was a close one. So Byrd's scorecard seemed way off the mark.

Sanchez also commented on the jeers Canelo received after the results were read out. "They booed Canelo because he talked so much sh*t before the fight about what he was going to do to Golovkin - knock him out and go after him. To knock someone out you have to engage, and it seemed like he ran for half the fight."

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