After the announcement that Adam Booth was confirmed as Billy Joe Saunders’ new trainer, many welcomed the news of the new partnership and the decision was widely-praised.

Towards the end of 2016, the WBO World Middleweight Champion split with Jimmy Tibbs and a few weeks ago tweeted that he was the latest addition to Booth’s growing stable.

“He called me, we had a little chat and he asked if he could have a meeting with me,” Booth told iFL TV. “Billy came down, we did a little session. We seemed to get on very well and understood each other.

“He’s a smart fella, and a very shrewd fella - a clever fighter. We talked about what we both believed I could help with, and that it could make a significant enough difference to start working together.”

Saunders became WBO World Middleweight Champion after beating Booth-trained Andy Lee in December 2015. The London coach wanted to confirm that a link-up with Saunders would not harm his working relationship with Lee, who still fights at Middleweight.

“I said I’d speak to Andy first - I knew he wanted to fight again. It was interesting enough for me to consider, and Andy was fully supportive of it straight away. [Normally] it’s the other way around that the losing fighter will go and work with the winning trainer. I respected that about Billy - the fact that he could look past that.”

Last week Saunders teased fans about his next opponent, with full details set to be announced soon. Booth is hopeful the 27-year-old can earn the mega-fight he has been yearning for.

Saunders Lee

“He’s trying to tidy up some frustrations, trying to get a big, meaningful fight. Hopefully he can get that nailed down within the next week and we can start focusing on a couple of dates,” he continued.

“I hope he gets the fights he wants. Personally, I believe there are big fights for Billy at Middle and Super-Middle, but time will tell.”

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