CHRIS ALGIERI will be debt-free for the first time in his career when he faces Amir Khan, after finally clearing his student loans.

Chris Algieri 4

In his first 19 fights the American's highest ever purse was ??2000, but he has trousered around ??900,000 from last year's shock win over Ruslan Provodnikov and points loss to Manny Pacquiao.

His Brooklyn fight against Khan on Friday night will take his career earnings soaring through the ??1 million mark.

Until his shock win over Provodnikov last June he was still paying off student loans by working as a personal trainer.

He earned more money working than boxing after earning a bachelor's degree in health and a Master's in clinical nutrition from Stony Brook University in New York.

When his career ends he plans to return and study medicine after shocking his lecturers with his fighting skills.

He said: "The academics in school weren't really too fond of the boxing, to tell you the truth. They thought fighting was silly and that I was going to hurt my brain.

"I don't scoff at them, because it is dangerous. That's why I prepare the way I do. That's why I work as hard as I do. And that's why I fight the way that I do.

"Being a professional athlete is not just about the training. There are a lot of other things involved. Especially if you're a boxer. A boxer isn't a businessman. He is a business.

 "I'm building my brand through sponsorships, social media, my website and interviews with the news media.

"There's a small window for an athlete to make extra money. And any money I can make outside of getting punched in the face is a good thing."

He is a big underdog against Khan, but he believes he will be back on track after suffering his only loss in 21 fights against Pacquiao last November.

After losing to the Filipino superstar, Algieri's camp particularly Tim Lane came under fire, and he was replaced by a new trainer John David Jackson.

Algieri, 31, added: "Working with John David Jackson has truly been a blessing. He has brought out the best Chris Algieri there is. You are going to see a whole new fighter come Friday night.

"Amir is a tough fighter there is no doubt about that, but I am very confident in my ability and the game plan that coach has come up with for me.

"You are going to see two proven champions in a high intensity and high level fight, laying everything on the line come Friday night."