Photo credits: Stephanie Trapp - Showtime.


AMERICAN heavyweight hopeful Jermaine Franklin has vowed aggression when he faces Jerry “Slugger” Forrest in Tacoma, Washington on Friday July 12, live on BoxNation.

It’s the latest installment on the ‘Channel of Champions' of Shobox: The Next Generation, a series of shows that has helped build around 80 world champions since starting back in 2001 on US Network SHOWTIME.

Franklin, a 2014 National Golden Gloves Champion and one of the top American heavyweight prospects, has won all 18 professional fights, 13 of them by KO.

We last saw the Michigan hopeful on BoxNation in April when he unanimously outpointed another amateur star Rydell Booker over ten rounds.

“I learned to have more self-control and patience in that fight,” said Franklin.

“Boxing is a tough sport and I think as a boxer, sometimes we try too hard to go for the knockout. I learned to stay patient, be calm, fight my fight and not rush things.

“Forrest will be right in front for me to hit. He seems very flat-footed, so I’ll use angles against him. But I feel like I don’t need a certain opponent to look good against.

“I took myself out of my last fight. I didn’t show what I can do. I’ll be more focused this time. I’ve developed to another stage since then.

“I picture a knockout or TKO. I’m not going to rush anything. I’m just going to fight my fight, but I feel I can get the KO if I stay calm. It’ll come. It’s inevitable.”

Franklin believes he will follow in the footsteps of WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder who had Shobox exposure.

Franklin, 25, added: “It just hit me two or three days ago that I’m headlining my own card on SHOWTIME.

“For a while it seemed unreal, but I don’t want to get too excited, so I’m trying to stay level-headed right now.

“I do a full workout in the gym and then workout on something else for another hour. I’m pushing past the limits of being tired to regain that second wind faster. I’m learning how to work hard without emptying my gas tank.”