The countdown is on until May 7’s huge fight for the WBC World Middleweight Title.

After jumping up the weights, Amir Khan has revealed how technology is helping to adjust his conditioning and bulk up: “You can’t cheat in this! One thing about these machines, they tell you how much power you put in to the sessions. If the numbers are low, I’ll need to up it.”

Khan fights Canelo at a 155 lbs catchweight limit at the newly built T-Mobile Arena just off the famous Vegas strip.

Khan v Canelo

“This is where science and technology has improved in the last few years. It’s all shown on the computer, how hard your body is being pushed and how far you are pushing yourself,” explained the 29 year old to FightHype.

The former WBA World Super-Lightweight Champion has the luxury of not cutting as much weight for this contest as usual: “Now I’m not killing myself making the weight, I can go home and have a good meal. Now I can eat and put all that energy back in my body.”

Despite the fight for the WBC Middleweight crown, Khan believes the proof will be in the pudding if the decision to take such risk was the correct move.

“Being at the bigger weight has given me the extra nutrition. Maybe 147 lbs is the right weight for me, time will tell come fight night. He’s physically a lot bigger, but I am going to be sharp, strong and quick for this fight.”


Watch the full interview and training segment below: