Undefeated knockout artists Anthony Yarde and Daniel Dubois both return to action on December 9th at the Copper Box Arena.

Ahead of their next bouts, we asked the BoxNation Twitter and Instagram fans if they had any questions for the rising stars. Here are the best ones...

If you weren't a professional boxer, where would you be right now?

theboxingrepublic on Instagram

Yarde: "To be honest I don't know, because I like to focus on what I'm doing. I feel like I could've done anything I put my mind to. The thing I enjoy doing is sport, so it probably would've been a different type of sport."

Dubois: "If I weren't a professional fighter I'd definitely be by my father's side. My dad has a business in artwork, and I'd be involved in that. I'd definitely be in the gym, I know that for sure. I love training. I love all different types of sport."

How are you preparing for a fight where your opponent has never been stopped?

iestyn5001 on Twitter

Yarde: "I prepare the exact same way; train hard, try and be mentally and physically focused. Come fight night, we'll see what happens."

Does Dubois have anyone in his sights for 2018?

ricky_denyer on Twitter

Dubois: "No. It's my first year in the game, so I'm just learning as I go along. Whatever challenges arise I'll definitely be up for."

If you could sum up 2018 in a few words, what would you go for?

Conor on Twitter

Dubois: "Exciting, interesting and plenty of lessons I've had to learn."

Would you try MMA?

georgebaileyyy on Instagram

Yarde: "Right now I'd say no, but things can change. People I enjoy watching are Georges St-Pierre, Jon Jones, of course Conor McGregor, and Ronda Rousey when she was using her good attributes."

Dubois: "For a laugh maybe, but not seriously."

Who are the three most dangerous fighters at Light-Heavyweight?

Chris700johnson on Twitter

Yarde: "I'd say myself. Self preservation - you've got to be confident in yourself. Probably [Sergey] Kovalev and [Adonis] Stevenson, two of the Champions. I haven't seen much of Beterbiev but I've heard his name because people keep bringing him up."

Does Yarde ever plan on moving up in weight?

juniorpanheia on Instagram

Yarde: "Yeah I do. Eventually I will move to Cruiserweight. Maybe I'll move to Heavyweight too."

What's on your Christmas list this year?

NM_sport on Twitter

Yarde: "A new exotic food that I haven't tried yet, and a holiday!"

Dubois: "Turkey! Whatever my dad cooks. I'm not really a presents sort of guy, now I'm maturing as a person. Maybe being in the gym has moulded me into a different type of character. As long as I stuff my face on Christmas, I don't mind!"

Which fight on the BoxNation December schedule are you looking forward to most?


Yarde: "The fight I'm looking forward to the most is my own. I like to focus on myself. As a fan, it's between [Billy Joe] Saunders v [David] Lemieux and [Vasyl] Lomachenko v [Guillermo] Rigondeaux. Exciting fights where no one knows the outcome."

Dubois: "I think Rigondeaux and Lomachenko. That's a fight I'm really looking forward to. I'm not gonna lay down a prediction, they're both quality fighters. Should be an interesting fight!"