Ahead of his upcoming farewell fight this Saturday night against Joe Smith Jr, we revisit eleven quotes the articulate Bhop has reeled off down the years which are still discussed today.

Bernard Hopkins quotes

“The streets was basically my parents”

“I would never let a white boy beat me. You can print that. I would never lose to a white person”

“The only way you can get experience is from the clock. Time works with some people and against some people. Fortunately, the clock has worked in my favour”

“I was knocking guys out in the streets before I knew how to throw a jab and keep your chin down. In most neighbourhoods, the guy that could fight gets respect. You got in the parties free. I never had to pay the dollar because people were scared of me. But back then I was ignorant”

“I'm 100 percent clean. I'm doing this off of nuts and bananas”

“If you want to be great or dare to be great you do what Amir Khan is doing. Nobody is going to blame you if you fail, it’s called credibility. You want to be talked about for a minute, or in time?”

“I got knocked down. Anybody could be knocked down, anybody can be knocked out, but it’s not what happened, but what happens next”

"I was told I would be back in 90 days. If I listened to people, I would be back where I came from - the penitentiary"

“I’ve always run to the fire, not away from the fire”

"Anybody who thinks I'm taking this fight for a paycheck doesn't know me. My whole life I've been achieving the impossible"

"I function better as an underdog in everything I do in life, with my back against the wall. That's why I hold on to my past"

Bernard Hopkins

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