**Editor's note: Quillin overweight on the scales, so no title on the line in Lee v Quillin**

EUROPEAN MIDDLEWEIGHT KING Billy Joe Saunders awaits the winner of Saturday's can't-miss WBO Middleweight collision between Ireland's Andy Lee and Peter 'Kid Chocolate' Quillin at the Barclay's Center, Brooklyn. BoxNation screen this fight LIVE from 1.30am Sunday morning.

BIlly Joe Saunders

Here, speaking to boxing writer Glynn Evans, the unbeaten Hatfield traveller analyses the principals and predicts the outcome.

"I'll be covering the fight with BoxNation and I'm sure it's going to be a cracker because you can guarantee that Quillin will steam forward and that Andy is always ready to stand and have a 'trade up'. Both carry the power to knock the other out.

It's a real pick 'em fight which I keep mulling over in my head and every time I seem to come to a different opinion. Today I'm with Quillin, tomorrow I'm probably with Lee. I'd really like Andy to win because he's obviously from a very similar background to me and he's a real gentleman.

And looking at the people who Adam Booth has brought over to Monaco to spar with Andy, I think they'll be building a game plan around Andy's speed and combinations. That's wise.

I've seen quite a lot of Quillin and there's plenty to admire. For a start, he's very strong and game. He's got a decent jab, long arms and he never really wastes much, tending to punch in bunches. He needs to push the pace, prevent Andy from capitalising on his height and reach, forcing him into mistakes.

Billy Joe Saunders

But to date, Quillin hasn't really been in against anyone of note except a very shot 'Winky' Wright, so we don't really know what his true level is. You can't overlook that he pulled out of a $1.5 million pay day with (Matt) Korobov.

That's very strange given the (disadvantaged) background he comes from. Fighters are in boxing for money fights. There must be doubts in his head to turn that down.

Andy has pulled off upsets before in big fights when he's been far behind on points. You could be winning every round for eleven and a half rounds of a championship fight against him, but you can never 'switch off' because he'll just dig in, dig in and keep searching for that bomb.

Andy's more experienced and has been in with the better fighters. To give himself the best chance, he needs to keep it simple, capitalise on his physical advantages, apply pressure from a distance and hope that Quillin cracks.

It's a tough call to choose a winner out of Quillin and Lee. Quillin's got home advantage, but Lee has upset the odds away from home before. If the fight was in England or Ireland it would be interesting to see.

If I was having a cheeky ??50 flutter I'd risk it on Andy, but if I had to bet thousands of my own dough, Quillin would be the safer bet.

Andy's only been put over by John Jackson when he boiled down to light-middle. But don't be surprised if, over in the States, the ref jumps in pretty quickly if Quillin clips him and rocks him."