A dozen BoxNation disciples, and the fans, reflect and select after what has been a fabulous year for fisticuffs.

Billy Joe Saunders (WBO Middleweight Champion)


FIGHTER OF THE YEAR: Ryan Burnett. He came through tough tests to win and unify two world Bantamweight belts because he puts the hard work in.

FIGHT OF THE YEAR: I liked Darryll Williams' first win over Jahmaine Smyle in Leicester. Both were really tired at times yet neither took a backward step.

KNOCKOUT OF THE YEAR: Daniel Dubois against AJ Carter. Sleeped him!

UPSET OF THE YEAR: Truax beating James DeGale. ‘Chunk’ rushed back too soon after a serious injury and it proved disastrous.

PROSPECT OF THE YEAR: I can’t split Michael Conlan and Daniel Dubois. Conlan’s bringing big attention over in the US and has HBO, BT and BoxNation behind him. He’s going places. Dubois just irons everybody out!

Carl Frampton (Ex Two Weight World Champion)


FIGHTER OF THE YEAR: Terence Crawford for me. He completely unified a division (Super-Lightweight) for the first time in ages by rubbing out Julius Indongo, himself a decent champion, within three rounds. Crawford just edges out Lomachenko.

FIGHT OF THE YEAR: Lyon Woodstock beating Craig Poxton over ten rounds in a real thriller in Leeds. I was ringside that night and Poxton was so tough in defeat. He gave Lyon a real hard night.

KNOCKOUT OF THE YEAR: To prepare for the Santa Cruz rematch, I hired a Spanish guy called Jon Fernandez – a humongous super-featherweight. He put this guy (Juan Reyes) to sleep – face down – for minutes at a casino in New York State. Check it out on YouTube!

UPSET OF THE YEAR: Caleb Truax taking James DeGale’s IBF Super-Middle belt at the Copper Box. Nobody was predicting that.

PROSPECT OF THE YEAR: I have to go with two Belfast boys. Michael Conlan will be a huge name in world boxing very, very soon but also look out for Welterweight Lewis Crocker. He’s won all four by knockout, has quick hands and punches like a mother f*****!

Terry Flanagan (Ex WBO Lightweight Champion)


FIGHTER OF THE YEAR: Terence Crawford. A class act with all the skills.

FIGHT OF THE YEAR: Joshua stopping Klitschko at Wembley Stadium after being dropped and hurt. That showed a lot of balls.

KNOCKOUT OF THE YEAR: It has to be Zolani Tete knocking out the other South African (Siboniso Gonya) with the very first shot. I couldn’t believe the sharpness and timing of that right hook. It was like a bullet.

UPSET OF THE YEAR: James DeGale outpointed by Caleb Truax at the Copper Box. Didn’t expect that at all.

PROSPECT OF THE YEAR: Zelfa (Barrett). He’s got skills. I like the way he goes about his business, learning by travelling around the gyms to spar all the top kids. He’s going places.

Bradley Skeete (British Welterweight Champion)

FIGHTER OF THE YEAR: Andre Ward. After a bit of a controversial decision over (Sergey) Kovalev late last year, he showed he was a true champion by smashing him in the rematch, then retiring as undefeated two-weight champion shortly after. A real class act on both sides of the ropes.

FIGHT OF THE YEAR: ‘GGG’ v ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. Two of the very best pound-for-pound going at it. That’s what should happen. ‘Canelo’ answered a lot of questions regarding his heart and chin and gave back plenty of quality digs of his own. I’d love to see it again.

KNOCKOUT OF THE YEAR: That Tete lead right hook that saw him retain his world title after just 11 seconds. He’s so slick, makes it look easy. The only time I saw anything similar at world level was Naz flattening Said Lawal in his first defence, over 20 years ago.

UPSET OF THE YEAR: Caleb Truax beating James DeGale right at the end of the year. He entered a big, big underdog but shocked a lot of people.....including DeGale!

PROSPECT OF THE YEAR: Zelfa Barrett. He should’ve won the Young Boxer of the Year Award; great hand speed, good power and still learning. You sense there’s so much more still to come.

Daniel Dubois (Unbeaten Heavyweight Prospect)

FIGHTER OF THE YEAR: Terence Crawford. Big credit to him for unifying all of the belts in his division and becoming the first undisputed World Champion for quite a while. I really like his style.

FIGHT OF THE YEAR: Probably ‘Triple G’ and ‘Canelo’. That was a high quality match-up. Very entertaining.

KNOCKOUT OF THE YEAR: I’d have to say my 48 second demolition of AJ Carter! He walked onto a well-timed right hand, doubling the impact. A job well done. Bring on the next one!

UPSET OF THE YEAR: James DeGale getting beaten on his London homecoming. A shocking result for his whole team.

PROSPECT OF THE YEAR: Again, myself! I haven’t really studied anyone else. I work very hard and I intend on going through whatever opponents my team put in front of me. I take this sport very seriously and expect to do very well.

Liam Smith (Ex WBO Super-Welterweight Champion)

FIGHTER OF THE YEAR: Vasyl Lomachenko. Operates in the very highest class yet is far too good for everybody he’s fought.

FIGHT OF THE YEAR: ‘Canelo’ versus Golovkin. Their styles really gelled. Two elite fighters both at their best. I thought Golovkin outworked him but it was basically what you liked.

KNOCKOUT OF THE YEAR: Tete. I loved that shot. The way he dipped to the body then whipped the right hook to the head. Class.

UPSET OF THE YEAR: ‘Chunky’ (James DeGale) losing his IBF title to Caleb Truax at the Copper Box. Beforehand the outcome seemed a ‘no brainer’. The American had been convincingly beat every time he’d stepped up previously and ‘Chunky’ was like 100-1 on!

PROSPECT OF THE YEAR: Ireland’s Michael Conlan. I’ve witnessed him sparring top, top kids in tough American gyms and he’s class. He can box or fight and is adapting very quickly to the pros.

Josh Warrington (IBF Mandatory Featherweight Challenger)


FIGHTER OF THE YEAR: Vasyl Lomachenko. He makes good fighters quit for fun.

FIGHT OF THE YEAR: The first Darryll Williams v Jahmaine Smyle fight in Leicester. Nothing major was at stake yet both were out on their feet at times, only to battle through. Credit to both lads. (Williams nicked a 10 round split decision).

KNOCKOUT OF THE YEAR: The short right hook that Mikey Garcia knocked Dejan Zlaticanin out with in Las Vegas to nail the WBC Lightweight Title. Zlaticanin was out cold for about 20 minutes.

UPSET OF THE YEAR: Guillermo Rigondeaux pulling himself out against Lomachenko in New York earlier this month. Could not believe that. To quit in a fight to determine the best pound-for-pound, then say after that he’s prepared to fight anybody, shows the wrong mentality.

PROSPECT OF THE YEAR: Zelfa Barrett. We’ve sparred a lot and he appears far more experienced than his record shows. He’s very unconventional; always looking to experiment with different combinations and angles.

Lyon Woodstock (Unbeaten Super-Featherweight Prospect)

Woodstock Jr

FIGHTER OF THE YEAR: Lomachenko. I like the fact that he followed through what he said he’d do to Rigondeaux; went right through him!

FIGHT OF THE YEAR: I really enjoyed Billy Joe Saunders' masterclass against David Lemieux. Great to study such a high boxing IQ.

KNOCKOUT OF THE YEAR: It’s got to be Tete in Belfast. The bell went ‘Bing’, Zolani went ‘Bang'...then went home!

UPSET OF THE YEAR: Craig Poxton stopping Boy Jones Jr to win the Southern Area. Mental! The man came from nowhere. That’s the world I’m from.

PROSPECT OF THE YEAR: It has to be myself! You have to rate yourself, even if others don’t rate you. I’m from a stable of prospects but my resume is better than all the others. I’ve fought several with winning records. I’ve never taken the easy route.

Barry Jones (Ex WBO Super-Featherweight Champion)

FIGHTER OF THE YEAR: Lomachenko. He makes great fighters quit. He breaks hearts, not bones.

FIGHT OF THE YEAR: Lyon Woodstock’s 10 round points win over Craig Poxton up in Leeds. It was the first proper gut check for Woodstock and he came through a real war with flying colours.

KNOCKOUT OF THE YEAR: Zolani Tete’s southpaw right hook that sparked Siboniso Gonya in just 11 seconds in Belfast.

UPSET OF THE YEAR: Either one of (Sriraket Sor) Rungvisai’s wins over ‘Chocolatito’ (Roman Gonzalez); the first because he upset the pound-for-pound leader, the second because it was such a sickening knockout when most expected Gonzalez to get his revenge.

PROSPECT OF THE YEAR: Zelfa Barrett. Does everything right. Oozes class.

Steve Lillis (Leading Journalist)


FIGHTER OF THE YEAR: (Srisaket) Sor Rungvisai, the Thai who twice defeated Roman Gonzalez. The first was an amazing upset, the second stamped his seal of supremacy.

FIGHT OF THE YEAR: It has to be Joshua v Klitschko. Everyone loves Heavyweight boxing and that was just brilliant theatre.

KNOCKOUT OF THE YEAR: The left hook that David Lemieux iced Curtis Stevens with. It almost decapitated him and showed the kind of threat Billy Joe Saunders was up against, had he made a mistake.

UPSET OF THE YEAR: Again, Rungvisai outpointing a 46-0 Roman Gonzalez at Madison Square Garden when many considered ‘Chocolatito’ as the pound-for-pound number one.

PROSPECT OF THE YEAR: You can’t ignore Daniel Dubois, but I’ll go Zelfa Barrett. He really lives the life and is getting better and better very quietly.

Frank Warren (Hall of Fame Promoter)


FIGHTER OF THE YEAR: Vasyl Lomachenko. He’s the most complete fighter I’ve ever seen.

FIGHT OF THE YEAR: Perhaps it wasn’t the most competitive fight but the best performance was Billy Joe (Saunders) finally showing what he’s capable of against David Lemieux in Montreal earlier this month.

KNOCKOUT OF THE YEAR: Zolani Tete’s 11 second record breaker over in Belfast. Unbelievable.

UPSET OF THE YEAR: ‘Chunky’ (James DeGale) losing his World Title to Caleb Truax earlier this month. Certainly never saw that coming.

PROSPECT OF THE YEAR: Daniel Dubois, a solid young Heavyweight who looks the real deal.

Alex Steedman (Presenter)


FIGHTER OF THE YEAR: Lomachenko. Brilliant. Outstanding. Special. Other worldly!

FIGHT OF THE YEAR: Anthony Joshua coming off the floor to stop Wladimir Klitschko was the best fight but Billy Joe dominating David Lemieux in Montreal was the standout performance.

KNOCKOUT OF THE YEAR: Tete. 11 seconds. Belfast. That right hook travelled such a short distance yet had such a huge impact.

UPSET OF THE YEAR: Rungvisai defeating ‘Chocolatito', then repeating his win so spectacularly. Broke my heart!

PROSPECT OF THE YEAR: Zelfa Barrett. That win in Bolton (pts10 v Eusebio Osejo) was the night he showed me he’s got the lot.

BoxNation fans' view

FIGHTER OF THE YEAR: 1) Lomachenko, 2) Crawford, 3) Golovkin

FIGHT OF THE YEAR: 1) Canelo v GGG, 2) Jack v DeGale, 3) Joshua v Klitschko

KNOCKOUT OF THE YEAR: 1) Tete v Gonya, 2) Garcia v Zlaticanin, 3) Charlo v Lubin

UPSET OF THE YEAR: 1) DeGale v Truax, 2) Sriskaret v Gonzalez, 3) Horn v Pacquiao

PROSPECT OF THE YEAR: 1) Barrett, 2) Dubois, 3) Woodstock Jr