As it’s still the panto season, BoxNation’s principal boy Glynn Evans allowed the BN family to rub his magic lamp and make two wishes for 2017; one personal and one for the betterment of boxing.

Frank Warren (Hall of Fame Promoter)

Personally, I just want everybody I care about to enjoy health, happiness, success and prosperity in 2017...and for Arsenal to get a new manager!

Professionally, I want the top fighters to fight each other so that the fans get the value-for-money that they deserve.

Francis Warren (Promoter)

Firstly, I wish for a healthy, happy first year for my little girl Florence who was born on 23rd December.

Secondly, I want more prospects to fight each other when they get to the position of 7-8, 8-0, rather than just wait for champions to pass their peaks. Jez Smith and Macauley McGowan showed it can be done and Jack Catterall did it before against Nathan Brough and Tom Stalker. There’s some cracking domestic fights to be made.

George Warren (CEO)

Personally, I want to see the relationship between BoxNation and BT flourish and prosper, delivering memorable fight nights across both platforms and for us to deliver lots of world title opportunities to our talented stable.

For the betterment of the sport, I want all governing bodies to get rid of all these ridiculous ‘Super’ and ‘Interim’ champions and to work with promoters and boxers to bring the big unification fights to fruition.

Hughie Fury (Mandatory WBO Heavyweight Contender)

On a personal front I wish that all my family is in good health and that 2017 is the year when I win my first world title, probably off (WBO champion) Joseph Parker but I’d fancy my chances against anyone.

For the sport, I wish that more unification fights are made. I particularly want to see ‘Canelo’ in against ‘Triple G’.

Peter Fury (Trainer)

For myself, I want to see my son Hughie get a world title fight and become the new WBO Heavyweight Champion and for my nephew Tyson to get back on the road to regaining his belts.

For the sport, I’d like to get rid of all the politics so that the best fighters can concentrate on fighting each other to prove who’s top man. That’s what it should be about.

John Rawling (Commentator)


Personally, I wish for my children to stay healthy and happy, for Sheffield United to cruise to the First Division title and to return to my fighting weight of 12stone!

For the sport, I want the matches that we know ought to happen, to start happening, domestically and internationally. We need promoters to work together to put the biggest fights on.

Liam Smith (Former WBO Super-Welterweight Champion)

My wish every year is that Liverpool win the Premiership. It’s probably not going to happen but, as we’re still second, I can still hope. There’s a long way to go.

For the good of the sport, I hope Liam Smith wins his world title belts back and that the champions try to unify rather than protect their titles. I’d also love to see Floyd Mayweather back!

Paul Butler Jr (World Rated Bantamweight)

For me, I just want to get back to where I was. Time has flown since I lost my world title and last year was especially frustrating when I outgrew super-flyweight. I’d most like to fight Jamie McDonnell who’s beaten good names and proven himself abroad.

For the sport, I’d like to see fairer judging. A few decisions went the wrong way last year including McDonnell-Solis. After the effort we put in, in the gym, all fighters deserve a fair crack.

Jason McClory (Matchmaker)


(Third from right)

In 2016, I had a bad year health wise and spent too much time in hospital so I’d like to put that episode of my life behind me and regain full fitness.

To improve boxing, you need the different promotional companies and governing bodies to put politics aside so that fighters can start taking proper fights.

Josh Warrington (World Ranked Featherweight)

Easy! Leeds to finally get promoted and Josh Warrington to win a world title; to achieve that at Elland Road would be more than a dream.

Regarding boxing, I’d like to see more stringent drug testing. You can’t have cheats in any sport but boxing is hard enough and dangerous enough without people crossing the line. People can get seriously hurt without that sh**. Let’s have a clean year.

Bradley Skeete (British Welterweight Champion)

Personally, I’d like to stay healthy and keep active so that I can earn the money to buy my first pad, somewhere local to Al Smith’s gym in Bromley.

Secondly, I want to see the rival promoters co-operating so that the best fights can be made. They showed it can be done with me fighting Sam Eggington.

Jack Catterall (World Rated Super-Lightweight)

Personally, I hope to get on the property ladder, buy a place close by with my girlfriend.

For boxing, now that Frank has done his deal with BT Sport, I hope it provides opportunities for the most talented fighters, rather than just the best ticket sellers with the best profiles.

Steve Lillis (Presenter)


I want to see Fulham get promoted, Surrey to win the (cricket) County Championship and Ashton United’s form to improve.

Regarding boxing, I’m an old romantic. I still dream of one world champion per less world champions, more unification fights.

Liam Walsh (Mandatory IBF Super-Featherweight contender)

Personally, I just want an opportunity at world level. Then it’s in my own hands. It’s long overdue. Honestly, I go to bed at night and pray for that opportunity.

For the sport in general, we need the governing bodies to apply far stricter sanctions to combat the drug cheats. I’m talking 10 year,or even life bans. I know that in law and religion they say you have to show forgiveness but we’re the Noble Art. We need to separate ourselves. We’ve the best athletes so need to lead the way.

Jamie Cox (World Class Super-Middleweight)

Jamie Cox

I want to train up more kids, just for fitness. It’s something I really enjoy and maybe, in time, I could help develop a future champion. I’m also desperate to fight a big name who the fans know, someone like James DeGale.

To improve boxing, something needs to be done to improve the standard of judging. Even people who know little about the sport can see the injustices. Perhaps they should have larger panels but that would increase the expenses for the promoters.

Liam Williams (British Super-Welterweight Champion)

Personally, I definitely hope to become a world champion in 2017. It’s gonna happen, 100%. Big news coming soon!

To better the sport, the various champions should be forced to fight one another to find out who is the top dog. That’s the way it should be.

Barry Jones (Analyst)

Personally, I’d like to see more shows in Wales...and for Cardiff City to avoid relegation!

For boxing, I’d like to see greater agreement between the sanctioning bodies so that the rival champions can fight each other. That’s what I grew up watching. Frampton against Santa Cruz and Garcia against Thurman is a great start to the year.

Tommy Langford (British and Commonwealth Middleweight Champion)

For myself, I want to stay undefeated and become a better dad. I’m quite good anyway but need to increase the output!

Boxing wise, you just want to see the best fighting the best. There’s plenty around who haven’t fought each other who should, such as ‘Canelo’ and Golovkin. It’s the same wish every year!

Terry Flanagan (WBO Lightweight Champion)

For Terry Flanagan, I hope I can get my unification fight. I’d especially like (Anthony) Crolla to beat Linares in their rematch then unify with me; an all Manchester showdown, two lads from the same school, City v United. I want to prove what I already know....that I’m the best lightweight in the world.

For the good of boxing, I’d like to see promoters work together a bit more so that the biggest fights can be made.

Alex Steedman (Presenter)

It doesn’t really matter where it is or when exactly it happens but I’m still cheerleading for Gonzalez v Inoue. Japan would be fun, America more convenient but as long as it happens and I’m ringside.

For boxing, I’ve always believed ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and there can be a thin line between what is a banned substance and that which is traceable to usable products. But boxing has to take a stand on drugs right now. The lack of a unifying body leaves policing somewhat fragmented so the answer isn’t easy but, for me, enough is enough. The Alexander Povetkin situation late last year is not just an embarrassment for boxing; it’s a scar on the soul of the sport. Governing bodies, athletic commissions, promoters and TV companies need to make this happen regardless of the short term impact upon shows.

Jamie Conlan (Commonwealth Super-Flyweight Champion)

To continue on my winning streak, to get my WBO final eliminator done and to finally grow to be six feet tall!

For boxing, I’d like to see some sort of retirement fund established that helps put boxers in the right direction once they’ve packed up. Too many leave the sport with next to nothing.

Gary Lockett (Trainer-Manager)


I’d just like to see my family, my friends and myself happy and healthy. Boring, I know!

Regarding boxing, let’s see the best fighters fighting each other. Too many big matches are mooted yet don’t happen. We need to find out who is number one at every weight.

Tyrone Nurse (British Super-Lightweight Champion)

I just want to keep winning so that I can make a better life for myself and my family, make my family proud and buy another house.

Regarding boxing, I want to see the best fighting the best, both at home and abroad. Let’s see ‘GGG’ against ‘Canelo’.

Charlie Webster (Presenter)


On a personal note to get back to full health and feeling like me again after the horrendous summer I had, to be running marathons again, doing another big crazy challenge for charity (maybe I'll leave that to 2018) and to release my book which will hopefully inspire and motivate others. Of course be part of a great year ahead in boxing with BoxNation & BTSport. I love being part of the boxing family. Oh and for Sheffield United to get promoted once and for all and out of League One!

On my boxing hopes, the best fighters to fight the best fighters, no ducking and avoiding, so the biggest fights are made. More about the sport and its fans and less about politics. Also for boxing to take on a more modern approach to engage new and younger fans. And for grassroots to be made more mainstream for young kids to have access and engagement to amateur boxing not just for a next generation of fighters but for all the benefits that boxing can bring to a young persons life.