British Welterweight Champion Bradley Skeete has described Saturday's European Title defeat as a "learning curve" and has promised he will be back.

Skeete travelled to Bilbao in Spain to take on unbeaten Basque banger Kerman Lejarraga, who stunned the Englishman by winning via second round stoppage.

"It just wasn't my night to be honest. I've got no excuses - the build-up, the training, everything was spot on," he told the BoxNation Podcast.

"Kerman was obviously a great fighter. I give him credit. We all know about his punch power, he's got some serious power. What shocked me was [he had it in] both hands.

"He caught me with a jab in the first round. It put me off balance a bit. I knew from then it was going to be a hard night's work. I thought this first round would just get going, get on my jab and take it from there really," recalled the 30-year-old.

"He obviously came on strong in the second round and caught me on top of the head for the first knockdown. That was like a flash knockdown really. The bodyshot just took it out of me to be honest. I just didn't have nothing left after that. I found the strength to get up, but it was all down hill from there."

[Image credit: Eduardo Del Fresno]

Skeete also admitted he was surprised at Lejarraga's increase in size from the weigh-in: "When we got in the ring, he was like a different person. He was massive. Obviously that played its part. But I give him credit where credit's due. I'm sure he'll go on to do big things.

"He's one of the hardest punchers I've ever been in with. I'm known for my great jab and he was out-jabbing me! The first real solid jab he caught me with - I knew from then it was going to be a tough night.

Over 10,000 fans packed in to the Bilbao Arena to cheer on local favourite Lejarraga, leading to a vociferous atmosphere by the time the fighters entered the ring at 12:45am Spanish time. 

"A lot of their support is from the football community [Athletic Bilbao FC]. They all had the masks on and the flags," explained Skeete. "The ringwalk was a bit rushed. They didn't have any barriers. I didn't get any abuse but they're just very, very passionate and hostile. It's all experience and a learning curve for me. I'm sure I'll be back."

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