Bryant Jennings doesn’t want beef with Oscar Rivas ahead of Friday’s big New York clash, live on BoxNation.

He ditched meat back in August 2013 after studying nutrition and reading about chemicals used on animals. Initially he was vegetarian, but the former world Heavyweight Title challenger has been fully vegan since 2015.

Jennings, who was beaten on points by Wladimir Klitschko in his title tilt at Madison Square Garden almost four years ago, revealed: ”I'm still vegan. I've been vegetarian since 2013, and I've been fully vegan since the beginning of the Klitschko camp in 2015.

“It has long-term effects, but it's not like a performance enhancement thing – it's for health reasons, just staying closer to great health.

“I really don't think it's an advantage for a boxer. Based on me being non-vegan before and vegan now, there are other things outside of boxing that a plant-based diet helps with.

“I've always pretty much watched what I ate – I never ate sloppy, I never intoxicated myself with any drug. I just think being clean is clean.

“Maybe it might work for somebody performance-wise, but for the most part it's long-term just for better health. I'm just living like everybody else, but I'm doing it in a particular way.”


He faces a tough test against unbeaten Colombian Rivas, but Jennings will not let the pressure get to him even though another World Title shot is within his grasp.

Jennings, 34, is ranked number two by the WBO for Anthony Joshua’s belt, and with the muscle of Top Rank backing him he will know the prize if he keeps winning.

He added: This is just another battle going towards the title. It's like going to work every day. Somebody don't ask somebody that goes to work every day, 'How you feel today?' I feel like I did yesterday.

“If you're a construction worker, it's like, 'Last week we did the first floor, now we're getting to the second floor.

“Whenever we get to the top floor, then we can say, well, we're almost done with this thing.' This is how it is.

Every fight is pretty much the same. It's very aggravating, it's very draining. It takes a lot of energy. It'll either make you or break you.

“I've been away from my son for a long time now. I'm starting to feel the fierceness, the anger. It is what it is. You build up and gain strength from it.


Watch Bryant Jennings v Oscar Rivas, plus Shakur Stevenson, live on BoxNation at 2.30am on Friday night.