Steve Collins (co-trainer of Frank Buglioni)

"I first became aware of Frank when he sparred my son at the TKO Gym. Immediately I liked the fact that he was a very respectful, intelligent popular guy - a gentleman who could always produce on fight night.

Frank Buglioni With The Collins Team

Frank's confidence and knowledge have improved noticeably in the nine months he's been with me and my brother Paschal because he's open minded and takes on board the advice he receives.

But, to be brutally honest, we inherited a quality fighter. Mark and Jimmy Tibbs did a very good job with him.

Frank's big problem was that, based in London, he had too many distractions from media, sponsors and fans. He was too accessible and that affected his preparation.

Technically, he ticks all the boxes. He's got power and he's naturally strong, very durable and very brave. Mentally, he's a very determined, dedicated guy who eats, drinks and lives boxing. All that really needed changing was his programming.

I live in St Albans and I work with Frank between fights. Paschal works more 'hands' on in Ireland. Two heads are always better than one and Frank believes in us, he sees the benefits.

Frank Buglioni In Action

He's improved in each camp and he will get even better the longer he works with us. Progress has been quicker than anticipated. He's almost there.

Personally, I faced guys who'd performed to a certain level but then fought out their skin when they stepped up. That's what I expect from Markham. If he causes an upset, he knows he jumps the line to a world title fight.

This is a very dangerous, risky fight for Frank. We need to ensure he doesn't underestimate Lee and dip below his own level.

Frank's a natural pressure fighter who wants to be aggressive from the first bell, so that's what we encourage. I expect Frank to take control, dominate from the off and rule the ring. I doubt the fight will last longer than this interview!"

Dom Negus (co-trainer of Lee Markham)

"I always knew Lee was a talent since I first saw him at the Five Star ABC gym five years ago. He was fit as you like, very determined, plenty of arsehole.

Lee Markham In Action

Since then, he's developed head movement and real stamina. He holds the record of all the boxers for running up Mount Teide in Tenerife. Some view him more a guy who'll wear you down but, trust me, he can bang. And he's mega hungry. He's earned nothing from the game yet.

And Lee's got a much underestimated boxing brain. He's a connoisseur of the sport. Where I was always a bull in a china shop, Lee's very calm in the ring. He'd make a fantastic poker player. You could club him with a bat and he'd not blink.

Preparation has gone fantastic. He's had quality sparring with big guys like Miles Shinkwin and Tony Conquest.

Though I thought Lee beat Jahmaine Smyle by three rounds last time out (Lpts10), regardless, those ten hard rounds against a big super-middle will prove absolutely ideal prep for Frank. Buglioni has never come through a dog fight like that and, having tasted defeat, Lee never wants it to happen again.

Lee Markham

The banter from their amateur fights brings a bit of added spice, but it's nothing too nasty. Both know they're capable of beating the other.

I've always rated Frank. He brings a lot of amateur pedigree and he's got a very respected, very experienced team behind him. He's a hell of a nice lad with a lovely family behind him. But his power is no worry for us. Who's he knocked out?

Sure, Frank will come out fast and sharp but Lee's learned his trade as a pro a far harder way than Frank has. Second half, he'll rough him up, force him to the trenches and wear him down with body shots. I only wish the fight was made over 12 rounds.

I'm very excited about the prospect of an upset!