*Note: WBC title on the line for Canelo Alvarez only, after Cotto allegedly failed to pay a WBC sanctioning fee.

Canelo Alvarez has said he’ll “explode” on the night he faces Miguel Cotto for his WBC World Middleweight title.

The Mexican 44-1-1 star said he has been focusing on increasing his power, speed and movement with his trusted trainer Eddy Reynoso in preparation for the physical and tireless Cotto on November 21.

Cotto and Canelo face off

“I combined my own style with [the Reynoso’s] technique to become who I am now,” Canelo said to the LA Times from his San Diego training base.

“I want to practice every day - whatever they teach me. When I come into the sparring session, it’s not to show that I’m the boss, faster and stronger. My mission is to learn. Every move you’ll see from me in the ring has been practiced.

“I’ll explode the night I fight Cotto. Power, speed, head movement, combinations,” Canelo added.

Speaking about his relationship with father and son combo Eddy and Chepo Reynoso, who have trained the Mexican box office star since he turned professional at the age of 15, Canelo said he fully trusts his long-term trainer.

“I feel very comfortable with [the Reynosos]. I trust them. They trust me. We’re a family,” Alvarez said.

“They know what I can do inside the ring and I know I can trust them for the best knowledge, the best decisions to be successful.”

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