Mexican-American legend turned promoter Oscar De La Hoya has been singing Saul Alvarez’s praises for a long time. The eulogies have continued running up to the all-Mexican highly anticipated Canelo vs. Chavez Jr. match-up on May 6th.

Speaking about the fight to FightHub De La Hoya said he was: “Excited, two weeks away we’re looking forward to a great night, Cinco de Mayo weekend is going to be amazing. Most importantly we’re gonna see a great and fun fight to watch. It’s what the fans deserve.”

The fiery haired Mexican has only one blemish on his record, a points loss to one of the greatest fighters of our generation in Floyd Mayweather, ‘The Golden Boy’ thinks that fight never should have taken place. “That Mayweather fight was never supposed to happen, he took it because he was a kid who had a lot of [pride]. What happened, happened, he lost to the greatest fighter back then.”

Oscar believes Canelo has learned a lot from that experience and will take that into his fight with the former Middleweight World Champion and son of the Mexican icon Julio Cesar Chavez. “He grew as a fighter mentally and emotionally, he’s faster now, stronger, he thinks more and has great defence. With every experience inside the ring you continue to learn.

“He’s only 26-years-old, he hasn’t even reached his peak, it’s amazing, I can’t wait til’ he reaches his peak because he will be a beast up in that ring. Not that he already isn’t, he loves to improve every time he trains.”

Watch the all-Mexican standoff between Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr on May 6th on BoxNation.