HEAVYWEIGHT DESTROYER Christian Hammer has promised to cause a huge upset and derail Tyson Fury from his dream world title fight against Wladimir Klitschko.

Tyson Fury v Christian Hammer

The hard-hitting WBO number three-ranked challenger takes on Fury at London's O2 arena on Saturday February 28, with the Manchester star risking his unbeaten record, European and WBO International titles and WBO mandatory spot to Klitschko.

Fury and Hammer came face-to-face for the first time at Frederick's restaurant in London ahead of their crucial showdown next month, LIVE and EXCLUSIVE on BoxNation.

German-based Romanian Hammer, who has 10 knockouts in 17, said, "I've seen Tyson fight plenty of times before in the amateurs and also in the pros. He's a very good boxer, but at the end of the day nothing I've seen worries me at all.

"I feel that's he's made a big mistake in choosing to fight me, but I respect him. He could have avoided me and chosen a much easier opponent in order to keep his record, titles and world title fight against Klitschko intact.

"But at the O2 arena on Saturday February 28, I must bring his dreams crashing down around him. Make no mistake, I'm coming here to do one thing and one thing only, to beat Tyson Fury and earn my right to fight Klitschko."

With all the talk of Fury facing Klitschko in the summer and a potential showdown with new WBC Heavyweight World Champion Deontay Wilder, Fury is not underestimating the threat Hammer poses to his future ambitions.

He said, "I won't be taking Hammer for granted. This is a very risky fight for me and the fights against Klitschko or Wilder won't be happening if I don't beat Hammer.

Tyson Fury

"He's by far the most accomplished fighter I fought in my career. I'm very familiar with him from the amateurs and I've kept an eye on him in the pros and he's had some good, recent wins including Kevin Johnson.

"He's a strong puncher and moves well on his feet for a big lad. He fancies his chances against me and remember that, in the heavyweights, it only takes one punch to turn things upside down.

"But this is Tyson Fury we're talking about and as long as I've got gloves and a fighting heart there's no man that will have the beating of me. I will fight and fight, I'll get up to win. There's no one who will keep me down. I'm a winner.

"Wilder did a good job at the weekend on Stiverne and he's lit up the heavyweight division. Without a doubt Klitschko is the number one and the linear champion and naturally you want to beat the man who beat the man, so he's my first choice. Then I'd love to meet Wilder, who's made some noises after his win about facing me, which I'll gladly accommodate. Let Wilder bask in his moment of glory for a while longer, because that will soon come to an end."

Promoter Frank Warren added, "Inactivity is the worse thing for a boxer. The name of the game is to keep busy and Tyson can't sit around waiting for Klitschko, so he's taking this very dangerous and risky fight against Hammer, who's number three-rankead in the world. Tyson has everything to lose and Hammer has everything to gain from this, so Tyson knows what's on the line and what he stands to lose. But you just can't bet against a man like Tyson."

Tyson Fury

"The heavyweight division has certainly come alive again with Wilder's win over Stiverne at the weekend. It's definitely spiced things up and brought back some much needed excitement into boxing's flagship weight class. The heavyweights have become fashionable again with Wilder and Fury in the top of the mix. While I don't want to look beyond Hammer, the thought of Fury against Wilder, over here in the UK, would be the biggest heavyweight fight in the last ten years."

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