Terence Crawford has dismissed a showdown with Manny Pacquiao, telling the Filipino legend: "You’re no World Champion".

‘PacMan’ has won World Titles at eight weights, he currently holds the WBA 'Regular' Welterweight Title and is still one of boxing’s biggest cash cows.

But Crawford, who is back on BoxNation on Saturday night when he defends his WBO 147lb crown against Jose Benavidez, is showing little interest.

Keith Thurman is the WBA 'Super' Champion and Crawford snapped: "He's (Pacquiao) not a Champion in my eyes. He don’t have the 'Super' belt. That's [Thurman] the Champion in my eyes.

"I look at the number one champion in the division. I don’t look at the WBC Silver and the Interim belts and all that. I look at the 'Super' and the actual Champion of the division," he explained on a media call.

Shawn Porter (WBC) and brilliant Errol Spence (IBF) are the division’s other titlists besides Thurman and himself.

"Those are the only Champions. So, there are no other Champions but them," undefeated Crawford emphasised as he wrote off Pacquiao’s crown again.

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Benavidez has won all 27 fights and is ranked 14th by the WBO, but Crawford has told promoters Top Rank that he only wants the division’s big guns after this weekend’s hometown defence in Omaha.

Crawford’s trainer and manager Brian McIntyre agreed: "Realistically, we're going after the Champions. You know, I don’t see any reason to be fighting the number six dude or number seven dude. We want the best fighters out there at 147lb."

Although McIntyre is talking up facing superstars, Crawford insists he will not overlook Saturday's showdown.

"My main focus is on Benavidez. As you can see, he's been doing a lot of talking, but while he's talking, I'm working. So, I'm not worried about nothing that he's saying or that he's trying to hype up. I'm focused and I'm ready to go."

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