Ukrainian man of steel Viktor Postol brings a perfect 28 fight slate and is coming off a career best count out win over feared Argentine banger Lucas Matthysse as he attempts to unify his WBC Super-Lightweight title against WBO counterpart Terence Crawford of Nebraska at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas this Saturday.

‘The Ice Man’ enters with substantial advantages in height and reach, and has boxed significantly more pro rounds. Nevertheless, Glynn Evans discovered the ‘trade’ were lumping heavily on the Yank (also 28-0) when he canvassed a dozen of its wisest sages in search of the outcome.


(Hall of Fame Promoter)

It’s a cracking fight between two winning fighters. I really like the look of the Ukrainian; very tough, hard as nails.

But my money is on Crawford. It certainly won’t be easy but I just believe he’s the better of the two. He’s improving with every fight and I really like the look of him. He’s a good all rounder, very smart and carries more power.

If Crawford’s the fighter I believe he is, then he wins it.


(Manchester Trainer)

I lean to Crawford but I’m not 100%. It’s only a 55-45 call. Postol might not look overly special but he does everything right and he can punch a bit. The stats don’t show it but I actually think he’s the harder hitter of the two. He’s scored the cleaner knockouts. He’s got the right style to beat Crawford.

But Crawford looks special. He can do it all; fight forwards, backwards, switch. He’s got fast hands and feet. It’ll be a top fight to watch; very technical and very hard. I think they’re both too good to get stopped so I’ll go with Crawford on points.


(Ex WBO Super-Featherweight Champion)

If anyone forces a stoppage, I think it’ll be Postol. If he gets Crawford on the end of those long raking punches, he could force Crawford to panic.

But I just feel Crawford’s adaptability will prove too much here. Postol’s very upright whereas Crawford has fabulous movement – forwards and backwards - and can get the job done in a variety of ways. He’s got the tools to mix things up and confuse Postol.

I see Crawford getting into an early rhythm, maintaining a fair pace and winning a pretty clear decision. 


(Ex British Light-Welterweight Champion)

I’m pretty undecided. It’s a very good match-up which either could win. I’ve not seen many weaknesses from either. Both are undefeated so both have a good claim to believe they’re the best. I’d say that both are the best opponent that the other has fought.

Terence Crawford seems to have everything. He’s looked very good over the last two years and seems to be improving every fight. He’s done everything he’s been asked to do.

But since you’re pushing me, I side with Viktor Postol. He’s been the underdog going into a few of his big fights but he always manages to pull out a win. He’s a very efficient fighter, very smart in the manner in which he breaks opponents down. I see him taking a hard fought points win.


(Hall of Fame Journalist)

It’s a great match. I believe Terence Crawford is one of the best four or five fighters in the world at the moment, in any weight class. To me, he looks the full package. He can box, he can punch, he’s seemingly got everything. He’s developing a tremendous following in Nebraska.

But I see Postol giving him a hell of a fight. I was very impressed when he won his title against (Lucas) Matthysse. I see the Ukrainian extending Crawford and bringing out the best in him - as usually happens when a quality fighter is pushed – but I don’t see Postol beating him. Crawford, for me.


(World Rated Light-Welter)

Even though he’s in my division, I’ve not seen an enormous amount of Postol other than his title win. I definitely need to brush up on him. That night, he looked a very good fighter, very tough and strong.

They’re both quality men who I appreciate but I see Crawford winning. He rises to the occasion every time he’s challenged and just keeps pushing through the levels. He’s got great movement and can really crack with both hands. I see him winning by mid to late round stoppage.


(Ex IBF Bantamweight Champion)

I’m on TC. He’s special. I fancied (Yuriokis) Gamboa to beat him but Crawford really stood out that night and he’s gone up another couple of levels since.

I think it’s going to be a great fight, mind. Postol looked really good when he stopped Matthysse. He seems to do everything well. He stands tall and is a nice boxer. And he’s super tough. Matthysse definitely hits harder than Crawford does yet Postol stood up to his power without too many problems.

But Crawford has a greater capacity to change things up and I believe that’ll be the difference. He can box every style and every range, and he’s as good southpaw as he is orthodox. Crawford wins on points.


(Journalist, on right)

I’m expecting a fantastic fight, far better than people think. Viktor Postol is one of boxing’s best kept secrets. People dismiss him because he’s an unfashionable Ukrainian but he’s a very good champion who does everything well. He’s a clever boxer, very sharp.

But Crawford is moving into the pay-per-view bracket and could be the sport’s next superstar. What doesn’t he do? He’s tellingly accurate and hits harder than he’s given credit for. Like all the greatest fighters, he wastes very little.

For me, this is a good champion against an exceptional one. Crawford might drop him but I expect it to go to points with Crawford winning, then moving up to welterweight.


(Ex WBO Lightweight Challenger)

I’ve not seen a great deal of Postol but I do like the look of him; a bit of a brute, very tall, decent skills and power; rock hard!

But Crawford’s a different level and wins convincingly on points. I’ve been following him since he took the (WBO) lightweight title off Ricky Burns. He’s very hard to hit and very accurate with every punch. I see him becoming a real star.


(Sheffield Trainer)

It’s going to be a very good fight to watch. Postol’s tough, strong, game. He’s got a very upright European style and he’ll keep coming. But he’s a bit one dimensional. There’s a glut of Russians and Eastern Europeans who are trained by US coaches and they’re all very similar, not very flexible.

Crawford’s riding the crest of a wave at the moment. He’s an excellent all rounder with good movement and good angles. He’s a more exciting version of Mayweather, prepared to take risks. For me, Crawford wins easily here. There’s no one out there to touch him. He’s at the top of his game.


(Ex British and Commonwealth Super-Featherweight Champion)

Terence Crawford every day, all the way. Along with Andre Ward, he’s probably my favourite fighter. He probably didn’t need to fight Viktor Postol. He could’ve fought a bigger name for less risk but it’s commendable that he wants to clean up the division. I don’t believe anyone beats him at 10stone and probably not at 10.7 either.

I love Crawford’s attitude and mentality, and he’s very adaptable on the job; one of the best pure boxers out there but he can also swing off, get down and dirty. He can do it any way he chooses.

I was impressed by Postol against Matthysse. He’s your typical Eastern European; solid, sturdy, good jab, good all around the board. But he’s brilliant at nothing.

His style doesn’t beat Terence Crawford. No chance. Hopefully, Viktor will go for broke, go out on his shield, bring out the best in Terence Crawford.

Crawford fights are usually good to watch. I expect the early rounds to be tight but, by the mid to late rounds, Crawford should’ve but his stamp on it. A stoppage here would establish Crawford as the pound-for-pound leader.



Great fight between the two top 140 pounders around. Both 28-0. Crawford wants to be number one American fighter and has a great opportunity to be just that.

Postol is a typically tough Eastern European fighter who is the spoiler as an underdog. Huge test for both, and with Crawford’s first opportunity to fight as a headliner on a PPV card, he needs to look impressive. Under Bob Arum, Crawford will be turned into a big star. Amazing boxer, great fighting IQ.

Crawford wins this on points, controlling the fight late.

* * *


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