Devin Haney and Juan Carlos Burgos made weight just a day before their BoxNation televised 10-round main event tonight (Friday 28th).

The 19-year-old Haney returns for his biggest challenge so far against the veteran Burgos.

Also, the much-anticipated rematch between Thomas Mattice and Zhora Hamazaryan will go on as an eight-round Super-Lightweight bout.

Two undefeated Super-Middleweight prospects will meet in the opening bout as Cem Kilic of Los Angeles and Toledo’s DeAndre Ware face off.



"I'm one of the best boxers in the game. I think most of my opponents know that when they get in the ring with me and that's why they try to land their best shot as soon as the fight is on. They try, but they don't touch me.

"When I fought Mason Menard, skeptics said I was over my head, that I didn't stand a chance. And I got in the ring and I won. I outclassed him. Then, they started saying that Menard was not at his best, that he didn't bring his 'A' game. I feel I don't get the recognition I deserve. I work really hard. I love this sport and I give my all.

"I have been fighting at 132 since I was 16, now I'm at 135. It takes a lot of discipline. I have a great team that stands by me and helps me be the best version of myself."

Haney v Burgos face off


"This is my second fight at 135. I feel good. I feel that I have evolved as a boxer since my last fight. I feel strong. I think it has to do with experience, after some time you just learn your lesson and move forward.

"I am very skilled boxer and after the Mikey [Garcia] fight I learned a lot about myself mentally and physically. I want to get another title shot and. I feel this fight is the right opportunity for me, because with this fight I'm planning to show the world I'm still an elite boxer.

"I don't think Haney has fought a fighter with the experience I have. You can be talented but there are things you can't teach. You only learn them with time. No matter how talented you are."


"I'm recovering from the flu but now I'm 100 percent physically, and mentally I'm there too. I lost focus after the knockdown and never was able to get back on track.

"The cross country travel from New Jersey to California was tough, and we had some issues and I lost a few days because of things out of my control.

"It was tight. Every round was tight in the first fight. It depends on how you look at it. I know 80 percent of the people watching think I lost. But there were rounds that I won. The only round he out-landed me was the second and seventh round.

"I didn't give my best effort in the first fight. That's why I decided to take the rematch. I didn't have to take it, but I did. I'm not paid to judge fights; I fight them."

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"I'm just going to pressure him and come forward. I can't leave it in the judges' hands. I know I have to be the aggressor, so it should only last three or four rounds.

"It was very unfair. I know I did everything in the books to look good, to have a clean fight, to win but the judges gave it to him. I was not happy.

"Once I get in the ring, I'll break him down and I'll make adjustments. He's not going to win without deserving it again. I'll make sure of that."