After a fiery press conference in Leeds last week, Steve Lillis has warned Lee Selby that May 19th will be a lot livelier.

Josh Warrington had a small section of fans at the back of the Norman Hunter suite and they certainly made themselves heard throughout the presser and the face off.

Speaking on the latest BoxNation Podcast, Lillis reflected on the first official meeting between the boxers and predicted what the atmosphere will be like in May.

"When it does come to fight night on May 19th at Elland Road, when there could be perhaps 30,000 Yorkshireman absolutely baying for his blood, it'll be a theatre of hate in the arena that night.

"There won't be respect. It will be hate that few fighters anywhere in the world will experience. It's going to be really, really hostile!"

Warrington spoke to Lillis afterwards to give his initial reaction: "I thought that he'd be nervous coming up to it, knowing that his team didn't want to have it open to the public. It just kind of backed up my thoughts, what I initially predicted.

"When we went head-to-head, I could see it in his eyes. Yeah we had a bit of a crowd there, but he let them get under his skin," argued the challenger. "He was worked up, I could tell. I'm not a psychologist, but reading people and looking between the lines you can tell that he's worked up."

Ticket information for Lee Selby v Josh Warrington will be confirmed soon.