CHRIS EUBANK JR admits he is just like Marmite - people either love him or hate him.

Although few doubt his fighting skills, some fans have been slow to warm to the son of former two weight world champ, Chris Sr.

Chris Eubank Jr

The Brighton boxer hopes to start gaining new fans in Saturday's BoxNation televised challenge against interim WBA Middleweight champion Dmitry Chudinov at London's O2 Arena.

Eubank Jr said, "in this game you want to be loved, hated or both. You don't want to be in the middle.

"Everything I have done, the way I fight, puts me at either end of the spectrum. I am a Marmite type fighter, you either love me or hate me.

"Even people who don't like me are still going to come and pay to watch me fight and see me lose.

"Either way, they are still there watching, but I want to have a worldwide fan base and I believe I can do it."

Eubank Sr, who oversees his son's career, is tipping his son to eventually become adored all over the globe.

He added, "when the term Marmite is used, I intend to steer him to a position where Marmite will have nothing on him.

Chris Eubank Jr

"Marmite will be seen as a punk when he realises his potential. Hate will not be the word, love will not be the word. That is what we are doing here."

Russian Chudinov is a tough opponent to face in Eubank Jr's first contest since his first career defeat against Billy Joe Saunders last November.

In the final two weeks of the camp, Maximo Pierret, who helped to train Chris Sr during parts of his career, has flown in from America to help.

Eubank Sr added, "I have brought in Maximo who taught me how to box in New York back in 1983.

"He trained Christopher a few years back and has re-engaged the basic principles that will see him, as I see it, go to the stop and stay there.

Chris Eubank Jr

 "Maximo is an exceptional trainer and he works alongside Ronnie, who is the overseer, the old master in the camp."

Against Saunders, Eubank's slow start cost him victory, before losing a narrow decision on points to his bitter domestic rival. The 25-year-old knows there can be no repeat.

"There will be no slack or going through the gears early. I will start as I mean to go on," he promised.

"I am a fully developed fighter and Dmitry has a lot on his plate. He is going to be walking onto shots because that is what he does. He takes a shot to give a shot."