Custio Clayton is tipped by many as the next Canadian World Champion and won his first 16 professional fights.

He fights tough Venezuelan Johan Perez for the IBF Intercontinental and NABA Welterweight Titles in Ontario on Saturday night and BoxNation has the fight live.

Welterweight Clayton, 31, is now looking to kick on and an impressive display this weekend should enhance his world rankings.


Want to know a little more about him? Have a look at our factfile on the Canadian hopeful:

1. He is one of 14 children and spent his early year living with his grandparents.

2. Custio comes from Nova Scotia, but to further his boxing career now lives in Montreal.

3. He watched boxing with his grandfather and aged nine followed an older cousin to a boxing gym and his love affair with the sport began.

4. His Mum named him after a character from American soap opera Santa Barbara called Cruz Castillo. She came up with Custio combining the christian and surname of the actor.

5. He lives with his partner and they have five children.

6. He is a six-time Canadian Amateur Champion, had a 105-14 record in that code and boxed in both the 2017 and 2019 World Championships.

7. Clayton qualified for the London 2012 Olympics. After beating Oscar Molina and Cameron Hammond he lost to Welshman Fred Evans in the quarter finals on countback after a 14:14 tie.

8. Clayton quit boxing for two years when he was 17 so he could finish his education.

9. There were big headlines in Canada two years ago when he claimed he was picked on by police over his colour. Clayton says he was detained without reason, handcuffed and arrested on suspicion of being a drug dealer. The police officer later apologised.

10. Besides boxing he trains in Martial Arts.

11. Clayton spent most of last year as mandatory contender for Terence Crawford’s WBO Title, but has now plummeted to 11th.