Liam Smith's trainer Joe Gallagher fired at shot at Canelo Alvarez at today's press conference, telling the Mexican star he should have chosen to fight Gennady Golovkin instead of Liam Smith.

Gallagher wasn't mincing his words when he told Alvarez and his promoter Oscar De La Hoya that losing to Liam Smith would damage Canelo's reputation more than a defeat against Triple G when they clash in September.

Smith and Gallagher

"I feel Saul Alvarez and the Golden Boy have made a huge mistake here. Losing to Liam Smith they'll take harder than Triple G. They should have taken the Triple G fight.

"It's a huge opportunity for Liam Smith. He’ll prove he’s one of the best when he fights Saul Alvarez in September. Saul Alvarez is a top, top fighter when you look at who he’s fought," Gallagher told the London press conference.

“They’re both good punchers. Both good body punchers. Neither man will want to back down. The best fighter will win, and the loser will go back to Mexico!

Speaking about Liam Smith's opportunity to fight in the vast, 100,000 capacity AT&T Stadium, Gallagher urged British fight fans to travel to support his man.

"After being over there in Dallas and seeing the Stadium, Liverpool now has a chance to go over there and support Liam Smith, just like Ricky Hatton's fans.

"I’m looking forward to Liam Smith going over there and giving Saul Alvarez huge problems on the night. Liam Smith’s chest was rising, puffing out [when he arrived in the stadium]."

Watch the two fighters face off below: