Willie Monroe Jr has revealed that Billy Joe Saunders’ trash-talking has provided extra motivation for his shot at the WBO World Middleweight Title on September 16th.

The pair came face-to-face at a press conference to announce the fight this week, and Saunders did not hold back during his assessment of the American, stating that he is a quitter and “mentally weak”.

Speaking in his Instagram story on Thursday, Monroe Jr responded to claims that Saunders had already got inside his head.

“A lot of people were saying 'he got under your skin'. He didn't get under my skin, I'm actually very excited. Guys that talk smack really get me geek'd up. I need that fire!

“He honestly would've been better off being nice to me. I might've been nice about my approach, but putting that fire under my ass has made me say 'ok it's time to take it to that next level,” he added.

Monroe Jr believes Saunders has made a mistake in trying to goad him this early on, and says he will be a more dangerous fighter now.

“I told him I'm gonna kick his ass once I got a shot to get that belt. We tried to fight this dude a couple times and got turned down. I'd fight that motherf*cker for 75 dollars.

“The last thing you want to do with a guy like me is piss me off. I'm a nice dude but you're gonna see the other side come out of me. When that side comes out, fellas get hurt, tears get shed…I’m chopping heads!”

Watch Billy Joe Saunders v Willie Monroe Jr live at the Copper Box Arena.