Lightweight Zhora Hamazaryan has vowed revenge on Thomas Mattice when they meet in the rematch of their controversial July fight on BoxNation tonight (Friday 28th September).

"Everything is perfect.  My camp has been great, and I am just ready," said the Armenian star.

Hamazaryan, 22, has been able to block out the first fight, and he believes that what happened in the ring has no bearing on the rematch: "It is a totally new fight for me.  I am taking this more seriously because this is a rematch.

"I did not lose the last fight, so it doesn't make any difference to me.  It will not change my game plan. I took this fight to prove that I am better then him.  I showed that in the previous fight, and now nothing can stop me."

The decision was hammered throughout the boxing world, and even called the one of the worst decisions seen in ShoBox expert analyst Steve Farhood's 40-year boxing career. 

Hamazaryan will not let the judges decide his fate in the rematch: "Everyone was disappointed by decision because they saw clearly that I won.

"It was disappointing for the fans, but It did not break me. This time it won't be a decision. I am going to do what I am good at. I will win this anyway, whether it's a decision or knockout. Either way it's going to be a beat down.

"Hopefully this will be the right the decision. I just  hope everything will be fair, and I am coming for a win."