Tommy Langford, the unbeaten British Middleweight Champion, takes on avoided Georgian puncher Avtandil Khurtsidze this Saturday headlining our Leicester show for the Interim WBO Middleweight World Championship.

Speaking with BoxNation, Langford has enjoyed not being a heavy favourite: “When I’ve been expected to win and probably put too much pressure on myself…I don’t think I’ve performed very well. In this fight there’s no expectation really, people want me to win but I don’t think there’s an expectation to perform in a certain way.

“The only thing that’s important is winning on the night, that takes a lot of pressure off your shoulders. I think that’s why it’s been a lot more relaxed and enjoyable…I know I’m coming away the winner!”

Khurtsidze is a step up for Langford but one that he’s relishing. “The bigger names in the division don’t want anything to do with him, he’s very strong, he’s relentless, he’ll keep coming and he’ll try and knock me out all night long - that’s his game-plan.”

Langford is confident that he has the ability to deal with his shorter opponent on Saturday night, “I’m prepared for a tough hard 12 rounds, I know if the best me comes out on the night, I beat him and look good doing it.

“I’m going to keep it long but I’m not going to retreat. Give up too much ground against these sort of fighters and they’ll be all over you - they key is not to miss with the first punch.”

Despite being the underdog Langford isn’t concerned, arguing: “Nobody has seen me at this level yet, I know what I can deliver.” The Baggies bomber is quietly confident of the victory come fight night.

Watch Tommy Langford take on Avtandil Khurtsidze for the Interim WBO Middleweight World Title, April 22nd on BoxNation.