This weekend, before an expected 50,000 turnout at The Suncorp Stadium in his hometown of Brisbane, unbeaten Aussie Jeff ‘The Hornet’ Horn attempts to put the sting on future Hall of Famer and current WBO welter boss Manny Pacquiao. BoxNation screen live.

Nevertheless Team GB flyweight standout Harvey Horn, a European medallist at both junior and senior level, tells Glynn Evans that he still believes he’ll be the first of his name to lift a world title.

“I’ve watched a lot of Pacquiao’s fights growing up. One of the first was when he absolutely outclassed Antonio Margarito despite giving away a lot of size. Then there were the great wins against the likes of Marquez, Cotto and Bradley. He’s very exciting to watch.

I was always attracted to Manny because, like me, he was a 5ft 7in southpaw. He was very agile on his feet, his angles are brilliant, he was very fluent and he had that dig. There was plenty to admire and attempt to copy. As a boxer and fight fan, it’s hard not to appreciate him.

His best years have definitely passed him. Age wise, he’s knocking on a bit in relation to Jeff Horn. It’d be difficult for any fighter to come back from the type of knockout defeat Pacman endured against Juan Manuel Marquez, but more so when you’re in your late 30s. He can still compete and succeed at world level but probably not elite level.

In his most recent fights, Manny still seems to possess those very quick feet and angles, and he remains very, very dangerous. He now has a great bank of experience to tap into, stuff you can’t learn overnight but acquire over years of mixing with the very best. He’s also blessed with a very underrated boxing brain, tapping opponents with shots to open them up for bombs that ‘clean you out’.

I’ve not seen an enormous amount of Jeff Horn. He’s only had 17 fights. But the word out there is that he’s a really hard bloke with a granite jaw. Apparently, he’s never been hurt amateur or pro. Clearly he possesses heavy hands at a certain level.

He’ll bring the confidence of an unbeaten record and home advantage is certainly going to help him, if it’s a genuinely close fight. Good luck to the bloke. Fair play to him for rolling the dice and giving it a go.

Most Australians you come across on the circuit are super fit and naturally hard. But technically, they tend to be a few rungs beneath the best British fighters because they lack the coaching expertise we have over here. They can be a bit basic. From studying Jeff’s training videos, I think he is gonna find the step up in level a real shock. There’s a lot of flaws.

Horn says his focus is to land that overhand right that Marquez ‘did’ Pacquiao with. That’s probably his best tactic but it doesn’t matter how heavy hands your hands are if you can’t land anything.

I just think the gap in class here will be too big. Horn will arrive very fit but once Pacquiao starts to land regularly he’ll come apart. The reason Pacquiao hasn’t stopped anyone for quite a while is because he only fights the real elite competition. I doubt Manny sparks Horn but he’ll bamboozle him with blizzards of punches and make him crumble, stop him on his feet.

I’m afraid the boxing world is going to have to wait a few more years before they can celebrate a fighter named Horn lifting a world title!”


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