After signing a long-term promotional deal with Frank Warren, British Super-Lightweight Champion Tyrone Nurse is eager to continue progressing in his career.

The 27-year-old has not fought since July 2016, beating Tommy Coyle in Leeds to retain his belt. Nurse is happy to be the domestic number one in the division but now he is eyeing bigger challenges when he returns to the ring.

Speaking to, he said: “It’s something you dream of as a fighter; I never thought that I couldn’t win it. I always felt within myself I had the ability to be become the British Champion and move on further.

“It was just another achievement I expected myself to grasp. I don’t want to sit on the British [belt] to win it outright if I don’t need to.”

While some fighters set themselves a target of winning the Lord Lonsdale strap outright before moving up the ladder, Nurse may not necessarily do the same if it means more waiting around.

Unbeaten prospect Ohara Davies was due to challenge for the British strap, however he is fighting Derry Mathews in March instead. This angered Nurse’s father and trainer Chris Aston, who claimed his son was being avoided, but Nurse disagreed with Aston’s view.

“No, we’re fighters,” he responded. “We will all fight anyone. Certain fighters, certain teams won’t work with other teams and that’s what it comes down to a lot of the time.

“That’s just the way the cookie crumbles, I guess. I can understand him [Aston] being pissed off. I just want to keep winning, to be honest, and move on from where I am,” added Nurse.