Super-Middleweight wrecking ball Jamie Cox has sent a savage warning to Chris Eubank Jr and his team insisting: “I’m ready to go when they want it but the problem is, they don’t want the problem!”

The destructive southpaw slammed Eubank’s upcoming choice of opponent:” I don’t know why he’s got this guy from Australia coming over. He’s not even the best Super-Middleweight in his own country. I would fight Eubank for half the money he is paying that geezer there.”

Jamie Cox

21-0 Cox believes he would dispatch both Chris Eubank Jr and Renold Quinlan, who lock horns in February, in the same night.

“Put them in there and I’ll beat them on the same night. Put Renold in first and then if Eubank wants to jump in after, no problem.”

Cox has continued to openly state his willingness to fight anyone in the division which would continue his path to a genuine World Title shot but admits he would love to come face to face with Eubank Jr in 2017.

“He doesn’t want someone with good conditioning, slick skills and can bang. He’s fooling the public. I would knock him out, he’ll leave the door open and I’ll burst right through.”

Asked if the fight has previously been in the pipeline, Cox revealed exclusively to BoxNation: “When Eubank was with Frank before there was an offer made but he doesn’t want none of it. They know what I am doing in gyms. They know what I am doing to better opposition than Chris Eubank. I’m not a talker, everyone in boxing knows what I’m about and have been doing.”

Three out of Cox’s last four opponents didn’t get out of the first round, BoxNation viewers can expect to see the hard hitting former Commonwealth and WBO European Champion back in action shortly.

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