The World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury was on form at Wednesday’s pre-fight press conference to promote his fight against the legendary Wladimir Klitschko, live on BoxNation Saturday 9 July.

Fury, as ever, spoke from the heart insisting: “I hate boxing! But I’m too f**king good at it to stop and it makes me money. How can I stop right now? It would be daft wouldn’t it! It’s easy money to be made by knocking over a few bums.”

Both men came face to face for the first time since November’s first fight in Germany as tensions flared.

Fury v Klitschko

“I hope he winds the clock back but he isn’t nothing special. Everyone thought he was like superman or something, but he isn’t!” revealed Fury.

When asked if he thinks Wladimir may be over the hill, the lineal World Heavyweight king replied: “He’s been fighting all his life, it’s obviously something he loves to do. It makes him capable of anything, he loves living a strict lifestyle… It makes him a dangerous opponent.”

The self-proclaimed “Gypsy King” refused to be drawn on speculation linking him with a potential fight with Anthony Joshua and kept his focus fully on the 40 year old challenger.

“He’s getting old, whether he likes it not. It’s nearly time for the slippers and rocking chair. After I’ve finished with him it’s time for politics or whatever he wants to do.”

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