During his post-fight press conference that followed his victory over Alexander Brand, pound for pound star Andre Ward was asked “Who would you compare yourself to from history?”

The self-proclaimed ‘Son of God’ responded: “I think I’m a combination of Roy Jones Jr, Bernard Hopkins and Floyd Mayweather. It may make me sound arrogant, but they are the guys I really study.”

You can certainly pick elements from each legends’ game in Ward’s approach.

The former Super-Middleweight supremo has stepped up to Light-Heavyweight and finds himself staring down the barrel of Sergey Kovalev’s big punching fists ahead of their November showdown.

“I can fight inside, get rough, be flashy and do certain things then be systematic like Floyd and break them down. I’ve taken something from all three of those guys but at the same time I try and stay true to myself,” continued the 32 year old.

Reciting Bruce Lee’s famous quote, Ward explained: “I try and be formless, like Bruce Lee said! I need to be what I need to be.”

It’s not all flair and finesse to Ward’s style, he believes he can more than pack a punch too.

“I’ve fought some of the biggest punchers in my division and if I wasn’t hitting hard and had nothing to offer back, they would be walking forward.”

ESNews captured the clip with Andre Ward below: