The WBC World Middleweight Champion Canelo Alvarez has dismissed speculation he is looking past Amir Khan to potential superfights against the likes of Gennady Golovkin.

Speaking at a pre-fight media workout on Monday, the flame haired Mexican hero revealed: “I’m 100% concentrated on Amir Khan. People talk about other fights but we’ll see after.”

With the clock ticking down until the big fight on May 7, the 25 year old is putting the finishing touches onto another gruelling camp.

Canelo Alvarez

“I’m not taking him lightly. It’s a difficult fight and I’m prepared for it.”

Much has been made of the power v speed element to this intriguing clash, the defending Champion has emphasised he’s made the adjustments and ready to combat Khan’s lightning speed.

“He’s fast, he’s very elusive. We’ve trained very hard for that style. It’s something I have been working on in camp, we have fast sparring partners. We’re working on countering that speed he has.”

Khan jumps up to the agreed catchweight for this contest with Canelo naturally the bigger of the two.

“I hope he comes in a little slower with the added weight!” joked the pound for pound star.

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