Gabe Rosado believes he’s a level above Willie Monroe Jr.

The two collide in an intriguing crossroads Middleweight contest which acts as chief support to Canelo v Smith in Dallas.

Rosado knows victory under the spotlight could propel his World Title aspirations.

"I think Monroe is a decent fighter but I'm going to show that he is not on my level as far as experience. I think I'm a young veteran. I've beat top names and lost to top names but I'm bringing more to the table.”

The charismatic Middleweight, who featured in the recent ‘Creed’ movie is thankful for his ever growing fan base.

"The fans have always supported me. They are always showing love. My shirts sell everywhere around the world. I think that shows when you put your all into it and give the fans their money's worth, they are going to support you regardless.”

Rosado, who ventured over into the “Big Knockout Boxing” league back in 2014, had a word for unbeaten fighters who he believes are protecting their unbeaten records.

“I think it's overrated to protect that '0', stacking the record. If you're fighting good competition and putting on good fights, they'll show you love.”

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