After beginning his professional career with a second-round stoppage victory over Domink Zubko, Harley Benn reflected on the emphatic win at York Hall.

Benn came flying out of the blocks in the opening session, clearly excited and eager to impress the crowd. After a lively first round, the 20-year-old was more measured in the second as he set up the stoppage.

Speaking to iFL TV after the bout, he said: “In the first round I should’ve taken a step back and evaluated the situation better. I was fighting more with my heart than my head if I’m honest in the first round.”

“I got back to my corner, took their advice and it worked - ‘take a step back, pick your shots’. The game plan was to use the jab, but in the first round I forgot all about that!”

The debutant unleashed a barrage of punches with his Slovakian opponent on the ropes, setting up a big right-hand bodyshot before the referee intervened.

“I stepped back, started countering some more shots,” continued Benn. “Saw the right hand to the body open and I took it. I heard him gasp and knew I could stop it.”

“I’m not trying to live up to any Benn name at all. That’s not me. I’m doing this purely for my mum. I am a Benn, but I’m nothing like [half-brother] Conor and Nigel at all. This is my journey, hopefully it’s the start of a very long one!”

Watch the full interview below: