Carl Frampton came away with a hard-fought win over Mexican Horacio Garcia, who lived up to his nation’s reputation, coming forward with an iron chin and pushing Frampton all the way.

Speaking after the fight, Frampton wasn’t enthused with his performance but was happy to get the victory., “A win's a win and I move on, I got hit a bit too much that’s all. I expect more from myself,” reflected the Belfast hero.

“I like to impress the fans but I didn’t expect to be coming out with a face like this. I expected to win…He was a tough guy, the shots were bouncing off his head. I know what I did right and I know what I did wrong. We will work on it.”

Now Frampton has the win after a 10-month layoff, he’s expected to get his dream Windsor Park showdown next summer for a World Title.

“Everyone went away thinking it was a good fight and I got the win. I’m still hungry for a World Title! I will be ready for a World Title next if it comes.

“If I have to wait in the side-lines for the next one and then bring a World Champion to Windsor Park in the summer then let’s do it,” added ‘The Jackal’.

The Northern Irishman is also adapting to his new trainer, Jamie Moore, who recognised the stresses Frampton had been under for the last year: “I think he deserves massive credit for the performance he put in with the amount of stress he has been put under.”

Watch highlights of Carl Frampton's battle with Horacio Garcia below: