With Miguel Cotto’s World title fight against Sadam Ali coming up this Saturday, many in the boxing world are sorry to see Cotto putting on his gloves for one last time - and Frank Warren is among them.

When asked by Steve Lillis during our BoxNation podcast, Frank stated that he hopes the Puerto Rican four weight World champion isn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet.

“In some ways I hope it’s not his final fight, because I want to see him fight our man Liam Smith. He won his final eliminator against Liam Williams in Newcastle a few weeks ago, so that’d be a great fight”.

Smith told IFL TV after he defeated Williams that he would be “gutted” to miss out on a crack at a fighter who Frank reckons has done a great service to the sport of boxing.

But he isn’t giving up on the prospect of a fight between Liverpudlian “Beefy” and Cotto, or even Ali should he defy the odds, telling Lillis that he’ll be contacting Golden Boy first thing should the opportunity present itself.

“Monday morning it’ll be there before they get to the office, it will be on their desk. If it is Cotto’s last fight then the title will be vacant and Liam will have to fight for the vacant title.”

The odds favour Cotto to end his illustrious career with a win on Saturday 2nd December. But can Ali upset the champ? Watch BoxNation to find out.

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