After winning his first professional bout on Saturday night in Belfast, Paddy Barnes was critical of his own performance against Stefan Slavchev, who was disqualified.

The referee was forced to stop the fight in the fourth round after the Bulgarian, losing the fight, lifted Barnes up in the air at the Titanic Exhibition Centre.

“I was too eager to impress the fans on my home debut and I didn’t get much out of it. Anybody watching me from the UK and Europe would’ve thought ‘is he having a laugh?’ but that wasn’t me,” the Flyweight told iFL TV.

Speaking about the bizarre disqualification, he said: “It’s stupid, he’s an idiot! I thought ‘why are you doing this?’ After the fight I should’ve slapped him,” joked Barnes.

“Everyone knows what to expect with journeymen - but even I wasn’t expecting that! A win’s a win but that ruined my chances of trying to impress.”

The triple-Olympian, who already has a wealth of experience from the amateurs, has spoken of winning a World Title as soon as possible and discussed his next outing.

“I want to fight somebody who has a winning record and will stand and fight me, where I can showcase my skills. I might try and get on the Frampton card [in January 2017], or on another Conlan card - any of the top cards,” he added.

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