Super-Lightweight Ohara Davies has called Jack Catterall "jealous" of his profile, as a potential future clash continues to build.

After Davies signed with Frank Warren back in January, Catterall 'welcomed' his new stablemate with a tweet stating that he would "love the smack the dog sh*t" out of him.

Speaking on the latest episode of the BoxNation Podcast, Davies was asked for his view on those comments.

"Catterall said that because I feel like he's a bit jealous. Catterall hasn't got a following, no one knows his name. He's a British Champion and basically not even relevant. Who knows him?

"He needs me to boost his profile, and that's why I didn't even respond, because I know that if I respond, I'll be helping him," added the Londoner.

Davies also revealed that the British Title is not on his agenda. Catterall won the belt after outpointing Tyrone Nurse back in October.

"We'll see what the future holds. I think I'm going to go on to world level now, I've got the WBA International [belt], that gets me in the world rankings. If I do fight Jack, it won't be because I want the British Title so much, it'll be he's been talking too much and Frank wants him to get knocked out!"

Catterall with British Title

Catterall was not impressed with Davies' comments, arguing that talk of profile does not interest him: "He's only got a profile because he disrespects people and that's not how I conduct myself. I know, speaking to people in the boxing world, what people think of him.

"I expect down the line we will meet, and again I'll do my talking in the ring. Naturally I think the fight will happen, but I don't really focus on that. We don't know if it's an act or if he's just playing the d*ck. I would like to get him and do the damage," he warned.

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