Trainer Abel Sanchez has laid bare on what it feels like holding the pads for feared puncher Gennady Golovkin.

Speaking on a pre-fight media call to promote March 18th’s World Title defence against Daniel Jacobs, Sanchez revealed: “In 40 years I have never had a fighter that hits as hard as Gennady but I am fortunate that he doesn’t hit me as hard as he can and as hard as he has hit someone in a fight.”

The Kazakh KO King has racked up an explosive 23 stoppages in a row with the trainer admitting the power of Golovkin’s shots follow him home after the gym.

“He hits very hard and I feel it at night when I go to bed! My shoulder hurts but that is part of the job. It does hurt and I feel for the guys that catch it in the ring with small gloves and wraps - but that’s part of his business.”

Sanchez who runs the renowned Summit Gym up at Big Bear training camp is excited for the challenge Jacobs brings to the table at Madison Square Gardens.

“I think that all of these fighters like Kovalev, Ward and Gennady – they need a challenge. Not just a physical challenge but also a mental challenge and he presents that for us. He is the first guy in a while since maybe Lemieux and Stevens that got Gennady fired up.”

Jacobs boasts an eye catching 88% KO ratio, a figure that has caught the eye of GGG’s trainer: “He has good power, so does Gennady, and we’ll see who can impose their will on the other guy. That’s what makes these fighters fight at their best and the kinds of fights that people will remember for years.”

‘The Miracle Man’ has the size advantage, clocking in at six foot bang on plus will enjoy a three inch reach difference over Golovkin.

Despite those stats in favour for the American, Sanchez is more wary of Jacobs’ punching power: “Danny’s size has not been my concern but his punching power has been my concern because he can crack so what we have in front of us at the beginning we have to be able to deal with it.”

Whilst Golovkin’s aggressive nature strikes fear into opponents Sanchez insists there’s another element to his game which has been improved since day dot of their relationship.

“Defence is a priority from the first day I met Gennady. Defence is always a priority in our gym, but it is boxing and guys are going to get hit. If you look at the punch stats you would see that Gennady is one of the top 5 guys in the world of not getting hit compared to him hitting his opponent.”

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