Rising star Jack Catterall has revealed the reason behind his withdrawal from challenging for the British Super-Lightweight Title.

The 16-0 starlet has switched from long term trainer Lee Beard to H’roon Headley.

Speaking with iFL TV, Catterall revealed: “We had the final eliminator with Joe Hughes and won but with the training set up and transition, it didn’t make sense and collectively we come to the decision it wasn’t the right time. Hopefully that mandatory position can be held for December and we’ll look at it then.”

Chorley’s southpaw supremo insists he isn’t running scared but simply adjusting to his new surroundings before going into a meaningful title fight.

“I’m 23, there’s no rush. I’ve got to make sure everything is right before I go into these fights.”

Opening up on the split with Lee Beard, Catterall honestly explained: “Relationships change, things happen. We’ve grown apart. I’ve got to do what’s right for me, it’s my career. This move has put me in a better place mentally and I can move on from here.”

Despite the change, Catterall is sure the switch will be smooth.

“It’s not like I’ve just jumped over, I have been working with H’roon for years.”

Catterall, who is nominated for the BBBoC’s ‘Young Boxer of the Year’ award, is looking to continue his rise into next year.

“There’s a lot of good fights out there. Frank Warren is excited for 2017, I’ve still got the WBO Intercontinental Title too. Frank delivers, if I keep doing what I am doing he’ll deliver for me.”

Watch the full interview with Jack and H’roon here: