Former two-time boxing World Champion Amir Khan has revealed his motivation to convert to MMA and face Irish superstar Conor McGregor – to prove that he’s a “real man”.

Khan succumbed to the third knockout defeat of his career in May when he was dropped heavily in the sixth round by Mexican star Canelo Alvarez. The Bolton ace drew many plaudits simply for facing Canelo, stepping up from 147lbs to 155lbs to face the naturally bigger man in Alvarez.

Amir Khan

But now the former Olympian seems determined to show the World his toughness as he once again talks about McGregor. Speaking with reporter Jefferson Lake, Khan said: “I’ll go an fight [McGregor] just to prove I’m a real man.

“I’m not one to back away, I’ve never backed away from any fight and I never will.

“Conor, you’re a big name and let’s make this fight happen. I’d love to take him on. If Conor wants it, let’s have it!,” said Khan, addressing McGregor directly.

The 29-year-old former Super-Lightweight World Champion has previously indicated he thought it’d take him a year of MMA training to be ready to face McGregor. There’s no question it would be intriguing if it came to pass!

Khan stoked the fire by tweeting out this picture soon after the interview:

And Amir Khan isn’t the first boxer to call out McGregor. Belfast hero and Saturday night World Title challenger Carl Frampton has done likewise, although his effort may have been tongue in cheek!

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