Former World Champion Liam Smith will fight rival Liam Williams in a rematch this Saturday, aiming to put an end to the controversy surrounding the first fight.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Smith referenced the poor performance in the opening half of their first bout: “Liam Williams was boxing brilliantly in the first fight. He was winning the fight, but if we’re to be men about it, he looked for an easy way out.”

Smith believes that his opponent quit rather than face the last few rounds against a resurgent Smith. “We were both cut in the first fight - they were bad cuts - but you’ve seen numerous worse cuts in other fights since, but for me he milked it too much.

“That was a valid reason to get out of the fight and Williams and his trainer Gary Lockett jumped at it,” stated the Liverpudlian.

Despite winning the contest, the 29-year-old is determined not to make a slow start again: “In this fight, I need to start faster. People think that I’m a slow starter because I’ve started slowly in the past few fights.

“It’s probably harsh to say that I started slow. I had no choice. I was just flat and it was to do with the weight, it had nothing to do with a game plan. We’ll have the weight issue sussed this time around and I’m excited about it.”

‘Beefy’ believes the Welshman’s only chance at winning was in their first bout, and now he’s ready to settle the score. “There will never be a worse Liam Smith. Williams will find that out when he’s in a fight early, which is what forced me over the line last time: being in a fight.

“This fight has got my full attention and I’m determined to right the wrongs of the first fight on Saturday night,” he warned.

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