Liam Smith believes he will face unbeaten Super-Welterweight Liam Williams at some point in 2017, possibly for a vacant World Title or in a final eliminator.

The former WBO World Champion at 154lbs has been out of the ring since September’s loss to Saul Alvarez, but has talked up an all-British clash with Williams next year.


“They’re talking about he’s ready for a World Title so that means he’s ready to fight me now. Last time there was talk, Gary Lockett said they weren’t ready. I’m sure he’d say he’s ready now so I’m sure that fights going to happen,” he told BoxNation.

“People are forgetting, everything he’s going on to do now I’ve done. I was British Champion, I had two defences. He’s picking up all my leftovers. His belt’s got my name written all over it if you want to look at it that way.”

Last time out, Williams destroyed Gabor Gorbics in Cardiff to lift the vacant WBO European belt. The 24-year-old is now ranked highly with the body, while Smith is ranked at number six.

“I think Frank’s worked his magic to get Liam into number three. I just don’t see how I was Champion, had two defences, lost to Canelo Alvarez and then I’ve dropped down as far as I have,” argued Smith.

“If the fight between me and Liam gets made then nobody’s bothered about who’s ranked higher - it’s all about who would win on the night.”

There is no dislike between the fighters, but with a potential belt on the line, a clash between the two at World level would be an exciting prospect for fans.

Smith added: “I hope he does well in his own things and I hope he keeps winning, but I’ll say it again - he keeps winning until he comes up against me.”

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